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Ken Hayakawa – Kasumi [Schonbrunner Perlen SP006] (2014)


The Austrian imprint of Schönbrunner Perlen last 2013 only published one reference , and this 2014 is initiated with a new EP from the Austrian producer Ken Hayakawa had already posted in labels as Musik Gewinnt Freunde, Kina Music or Goldmin Music, and now presents with 4 new tracks and 5 remixes/cover/edits, a devoted his recent EP daughter born in 2012, Kasumi, 4 tracks produced during the time that Ken was a father, trying to musically capture that feeling in his new life, opening the EP with a intro-nana ‘Toy Like Us’ which is transformed into a spacy, cosmic synths in a very elegant track after that intro child to become a deep and dark track; more metallic sounds with ‘Positive Effects’ and up the tempo with ‘Shining’ with the sounds of birds, dark, deep, and very cienmatic, very good track, and ‘Talking Baby’ with the voices of a baby, a nice percussion, and a lot of quality on the track. And for the remixes 5 remixes of the track ‘Toys Like Us’, from Germany, Zusammenklang a techno remix more dark; Vienna duo of Julian & Der Fux performed a cover of the track, adding vocals, with epics and bright new version of the track, the Austrians caTekk & Mike Vinyl with 7 warm delicious minutes, wonderful remix; and the producer of Tobitob with 2 remixes, Day Edit and Night Edit, with some arrangements with a touch more disco, and very mysterious.

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