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Kito Jempere “I was super rock’n’roll boy, focused only on punk music”

We talk to Kito Jempere after starting his next collaboration album promotion, that it was edited by his own label, Kito Jempere Recordings. After his premiere with us and with the collaboration of Noteless, we ask him about his local scene and some interesting details about his beginnings.
When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?
It was pretty late tho, I was super rock’n’roll boy, focused only on punk music in early years, first (kinda) electronic project when I was like «hey, I love it» was Ninja Tune’s Jaga Jazzist, then were Aphex Twin and Red Snapper, i was lucky to get together with Rich Thair of Red Snapper thru my early jazz/punk/electronic band Uniquetunes (https://uniquetunes.bandcamp.com) as we were supporting band always in Saint Petersburg, so Rich is doing drums on my this album, which is super honor and again luck (actually hard work) for me. Then it was dive in into house & disco music, but basically I never was listening any kind of this music and still, I try to do electronic music that I can listen myself, this is what my Yet Another Kito Jempere Album is about.
What have you been doing with your time in lockdown in your city or country?
It was tough times, I run club/restaraunt in Saint P on beautiful New Holland Island — it’s called KUZNYAHOUSE, so with first lockdown days we were switching super anti-crisis programm, went to delivery only, parties were changed into livestreams and the main thing we did is that we have started to help doctors with dinners on early stage, we start delivering around 80-100 dinners per day to hospitals but then with help of the New Holland Island and their support number of dinners to hospitals and ppl who lost money and etc (big families, older people) was around 3000 dinners per day. So I was double busy with everything, trying to save business, save working places for friends and etc. But yeah, tough times but it wasn’t that bad, the first wave, I feel it’s 10 times worst now, many friends around are ill.
But also this pandemic time gave me a chance to look inside myself, in summer we did one more Base Camp (we did one when the album starts in 2019) and looks like we have recorded new album with Lipelis, but this is totally another story.
What was your criterion when producing your last Collaboration Album?
Hopefully it’s not my last album, although I was thinking on it, heh. Well it is friends & family collaboration for me, I was trying to collect people I trust and love on the album and give them absolute freedom. On early stage I was sending super rough demos, sometimes one-two chords or couple samples, and we were building the full thing out of it. So my main idea was to curate it’s more than conduct (as it said in Emotional Response press-release), my band members were helping me to get thru it on my territory (we basically put alll instruments in my living room and made a lot of work there) and almost all collabs were via internet, so I mainly say this album is made in Facebook.
Could you recommend a set that you are especially proud of, and that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?
 As for DJ set I would love to get this two included
 What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?
In Saint P scene is getting bigger and bigger now, let’s not take pandemic times, but even thru pandemic we got amazing festivals like Present Perfect Festival and it was crazy one B2B one for the books: Lipelis x Simple Symmetry x Orange x Timofey x me. You can look into this here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFIXjxRj97R/
As for music I think we going really good, TEST FM, small and bigger clubs, more people going out, more people interested, youth is the future, we should support youth (saying from my 35 age lol)
Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

For this year and next for sure all my projects were around Yet Another Kito Jempere Album, early 2021 Emotional Response will release 12-inch with remixes: Samo DJ, Lipelis, Cable Toy and Linja, also will be proper remix album, to date I have ready or discussed remixes with Fango, Andras, Super Drama, Max Essa, Hiro Ama, Fanick, Hard Ton and many more. On other news make sure to keep an eye on my remix for Ceo Of Everything, it’s proper fun, did an remix sounds like its Yello remix.

Also planning to release a movie about the album and collaboration with fashion brand Liars Collective.
and believe me more to come


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