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Double Meaning: “Our productions are timeless”


When and how did your interest in electronic music arrive?

KWITOL: Since my rescue. My name is KW’ITOL, it means child, young person or that person who is constantly learning. When I was young I was shipwrecked on an island between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. I remember hostile times, animals and poisonous plants, as well as thunderstorms at all times. My only salvation was music. With the remains of an old radio that I found, I built a kind of synthesizer of bioharmonic frequencies, drums made with coconuts, reed flutes and my own voice, were elements that saved me from losing my sanity, being able to expand my universe beyond that island. At the time of my rescue, they found me singing and dancing with my eyes closed in the middle of a cyclone. Now I reconstruct the soundscapes of that dark place lost among the tropics, where I met again with the light.

How did you decide to launch into production?

KWITOL: It was a matter of survival, finding my resonance frequency, knowing how my physical part sounds with my spiritual part.

What is your criteria when producing? What inspires you?

KWITOL: Recently in a conversation with very close friends who know my life story, I was able to describe what I do with your help. “The human cochlea has its own and unique resonance frequency. This frequency is considered as the basis and foundation of a musical mathematical theory, to be subsequently applied through the use and design of electro-acoustic technologies and the controlled reproduction of frequencies at which I call bioharmonics and / or biosymbiotics, whose sole purpose is holistic sound exploration. ”

How do you assess the trajectory that you have had and what were the reasons that led you to start it?

KWITOL: An apology, I don’t understand the questions.

What was your criteria when producing your last EP?

KW´ITOL: The productions we do both Suly and KW´ITOL, as both for DOUBLE MEANING are timeless. The EP that will be released under the Controlla label called “Teotihuacan” consists of the first 2 productions we did in Guadalajara when we met Suly and KW´ITOL. Which were forgotten on a hard drive for 3 years, until serendipity could reach the ears of Ali and Ximena (Controlla) all thanks to Kitschy Kitsch. The new productions we made in this 2019 where we met and founded DOUBLE MEANING speak of the ego, of destruction and rebirth, of the drug of love combined with MDMA, of burning prejudices among other things. All this respecting above all the fact that we ARE CHILDREN singing and composing what we get around us.

Could you recommend a set in which you are especially proud that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?

KW´ITOL: Every day I believe less in streaming and more in the power of communion that is achieved in each sonic ceremony I design.

What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?

KW´ITOL: Just as our songs are timeless, Suly and KW´ITOL do not feel that we belong to any specific space, Suly lives for seasons in Los Angeles, Guadalajara and has a great attachment to the city of his parents and grandparents Degollado Jalisco For my part, the land of “Sound 13” San Luis Potosí and Guadalajara are two cities that have housed me for years; After my shipwreck, I realized that you are the conformation of a past, a present and a future, where time and space are sensory relative.

Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?

KW´ITOL: Be a KW´ITOL, remain a child, young person or that person who is constantly learning.



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