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La Mverte – Through the Circles EP [Her Majesty’s Ship HMS011] (2014)


Finally comes next Monday one of the most anticipated debuts, La Mverte aka Alexandre Berly, after the excellent interview published on the blog this week, now comes his music, his EP on one of the labels that is bringing us many joys lately as Her Majesty ‘s Ship, especially David Shawn and The Beats, a debut that comes in the form of 3 original tracks and a remax, with a particular view of music Disco , Italo Disco, Synth Wave …. with a personal sound, fresh and effective result, a large sample of the creativity of this producer. An EP opens with the slow and dark ‘Through the Circles’ with great bassline and full of mystery, almost cinematic, amazing track; raising the tempo with ‘The Rim Shot’ with a sharp synths and excellent bassline that traps us and makes dance, and the darker ‘Crash Course’ in collaboration with Yan Wagner (responsible for the lyrics and sing) with his voice filtered and displayed excellent synths, brilliant composition, track accompanying the remix of his friends from Acid Washed, with slightly lower tempo, and some arrangements with more light and color, to bring the track closer to the center of the floor and dance mesmerized by his pace.


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