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Lake People – Purposely Uncertain Field Remixes EP [Permanent Vacation] (2015)


The producer from Leipzig of Martin Enke aka Lake People in 2013 arrives to of the German label Permanent Vacation with his ‘Uneasy Hiding Places EP’, and last February published his debut album ‘Purposely Uncertain Field’, an album that came after his inital project of Trickform 12 years ago, and for 4 years ago with his project of Lake People, a project that has released EPs for labels such as Krakatau Records, URSL, Connaisseur Recordings or Rumors, and now Permanent Vacation publishes the EP of remixes from his debut album, ‘Purposely Uncertain Field Remixes EP’, an EP with 3 remixes for 3 this excellent tracks from this debut album, 3 remixes which come to show different ways to interpret the music of Lake People, first from berlin with the producer of Redshape aka Sebastian Kramer, who in his 10 years has already released 2 albums for the labels of Delsin and Running Back; the second remix, comes signed by another veteran, from Hamburg with Lawrence aka Peter M. Kersten, with long list of albums and EPs, and together with Carsten Jost and Turner directed the label of Dial Records; and the third remix, from Leipzig with Map.ache aka Jan Barich, founder of the Kann Records, label in which the 2012 published his debut album.

Opening this new pack of remixes for the debut album of Lake People on Permanent Vacation with the remix of Redshape for ‘Illuminated’, a brilliant remix, one of the best works from this producer, an epic remix of 9 minutes in which a deep atmospheres that are developed punctuated by a few magical synthesizers, and sequences that will be launching the 303, creating a totally hypnotic state and trippy, a recommended mental trip to distant planets, brilliant remix. The following remixes comes signed by Lawrence and the remix to cut ‘Drifting Red’, a remix which continues that journey space, now more introspective, more deep and delicate, 8 minutes of dreamlike, the sensation of floating in space, sense of well-being. And finally, Map.ache and the remix the cut of ‘Cooping’, which leads us to a more ethereal atmospheres, a hypnotic bassline, and a few vocal samples that approach it for enjoyment on the dance floor.

Lake People – Purposely Uncertain Field Remixes EP [Permanent Vacation PERMVAC131-1] (20 November, 2015)
1 Lake People – Illuminated (Redshape Remix) 8:59
2 Lake People – Drifting Red (Lawrence Remix) 7:50
3 Lake People – Cooping (Map.ache Remix) 7:58

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