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Lauer – Birsk/Kilian EP [Futureboogie Recordings] (2016)


From Bristol, Futureboogie Recordings, from its beginning in 2011 has been gaining is a great respect and and received critical acclaim throughout his 39 references, and to initiate the 2016 with the reference #40 with a veteran and respected artist, the German dj and producer of Phillip Lauer, who, over more than 15 years, has been publishing solo mainly as Lauer or Brontosaurus, and form part of the duo of Tuff City Kids or the projects of Arto Mwámbe, Black Spuma, Hotel Lauer or Talamanca System, among many other projects; an artist who as Lauer published his debut album of ‘Phillips’ in 2012 for the label of Running Back, label where in addition to published a large number of EPs, and the year past was ‘Borndom’, his second studio album, on the label of Permanent Vacation, an some EPs for labels such as Beats In Space Records, Brontosaurus or Live At Robert Johnson among others, and now comes to Futureboogie Recordings with ‘Birsk/Kilian’, a new EP that this excellent producer presents 2 new compositions.

By opening this new reference from Futureboogie Recordings with Lauer and his cut called ‘Birsk’, an impeccable cut with house influences, an expansive bassline, th analog synthesizers that captivate us and make move, dance, some fresh and rhythmic percussion, a delight of composition with melodic touches, an a development and precise execution, a flawless production.

With the second original cut of Lauer, ‘Kilian’, with a tempo more slowly, but full of energy and touches of the 80s, blunt bassline, and great developments of the analogue, shedding light and happiness, optimistic, vibrant and agile composition, a composition with an epic piano, purest classical style, that makes fly the cut, amazing composition.

Lauer – Birsk/Kilian EP [Futureboogie Recordings FBR040] (15 January, 2016)
1 Lauer – Birsk (Original Mix) 06:14
2 Lauer – Kilian (Original Mix) 06:09

Pre-Order 12″ @ Phonica Records
Pre-Order 12″ Vinyl @ Juno (25 January, 2016)
Pre-Order Digital @ Junodownload (22 January, 2016)
Buy Digital @ iTunes (15 January, 2016)


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