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Lauer – Borndom (LP) [Permanent Vacation] (2015)


The German Dj and producer of Phillip Lauer throughout his more than 15 years has earned an excellent reputation thanks to the quality of his work (originals and remixes), both his work solo as Lauer or Brontosaurus, as in collaborations such as Tuff City Kids (together with Gerd Janson) or his latest project of Hotel Lauer (together with his brother of Jacob Lauer), all projects where Lauer develops his music, a music influenced by disco, deep house, Italo, electronica, Balearic, House or synth-pop. As Lauer, he debuted in 2001 by the hands of the Séparé Recordings, and later in labels such as Punkt Music, Brontosaurus, Live At Robert Johnson, Permanent Vacation, Running Back or Beats In Space Records, labels that has been delivering excellent EPs, and in 2012 published his debut album, for the German label of Running Back (run by Gerd Janson) with an album called ‘Phillips’, and now presents his second album, ‘Borndom’, for the German label of Permanent Vacation q (run by Tom Bioly & Benjamin Fröhlich), a label that in 2010 published his ‘Delta Kid EP’ and last year with ‘Donner Lake EP’ , and now Lauer returns a Permanent Vacation to present these 13 new compositions, 60 minutes, that completed his second album, an album with lots of flavor and influence of the 80s and the Pop and House, an album with which cuts most move about 4-5 minutes, and that flow perfectly one after another, giving an a full meaning to the album, 13 cuts, 60 great minutes.

Lauer opens this new album for Permanent Vacation q with ‘Crewners’, a relaxed, atmospheric, deep track, a perfect entry to the album as an intro that gives way to the more long cut from the album, ‘Gammelan’, in 6 minutes, a track fresh, summer, with care arrangements, angelic choral voices, and the analogue bubbling between happiness and the good vibes with some excellent percussion; with ‘Hump Acid’, Lauer takes us on a trip to the acid, more danceable, an acid that is growing and hypnotizes us, with a vocal loops and string arragements, delicious track to dance in a nocturnal beach; the first collaboration comes with ‘Telefon’ with the participation of Ela on the vocals, with the flavour of the classic house, with piano and care and detailed arrangements for another delight of composition; analog sequences take the beginning of ‘Msndrstndng’ to incorporate some robotic vocals that take us on a trip through space; sounds more Cold Wave/Techno Pop with ‘ESC’ with the participation of Jasnau in vocals that gives an atmosphere very 80s, with synthesizers launching neon lights; a romantic Lauer with ‘Borndom’; magical melodies, 90s house with ‘Pal_Oh’; emotive and intimate with ‘Mausback’, dark and strange with the hypnotic ‘Reebe’, sensual and romantic with the 80s ‘Reebe’, more pop with the delicious ‘Alright’ singing again by Ela, and finally, if album contains an intro, with an outro, ‘Byby’ and its about 2 minutes that closed the album in a delicious way and complete this great album.

Lauer – Borndom (LP) [Permanent Vacation PERMVAC139-2] (8 May, 2015)
1 Crewners (Original Mix) 4:01
2 Gammelan (Original Mix) 6:05
3 Hump Acid (Original Mix) 5:08
4 Lauer with Ela – Telefon (Original Mix) 5:04
5 Msndrstndng (Original Mix) 4:20
6 Lauer with Jasnau – ESC (Original Mix) 4:04
7 Borndom (Original Mix) 4:23
8 Pal_Oh (Original Mix) 5:51
9 Mausback (Original Mix) 5:01
10 Reebe (Original Mix) 4:56
11 Carpet (Original Mix) 3:47
12 Lauer with Ela – Alright (Original Mix) 4:14
13 Byby (Original Mix) 2:36

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