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Laurent Pastor (Astro Lab Recs) – Interview & Mixtape Exclusive (2014)


On the occasion of the presentation tomorrow at Razzmatazz in Barcelona of Astro Lab Ballroom, we performed an exclusive interview and accompanied with an exclusive mixtape with the head of the label, Laurent Pastor, a label with almost 10 years of existence in which emphasizes its commitment to new producers as a result of a very careful selection of them.

CLG– For those who still do not know your label, you tell us a little about it, When where and with what philosophy was born Astro Lab Recordings?

Laurent- I started Astro Lab Recordings in 2007, I lived in Paris and worked between music distribution and as music consultant for advertising company, the main idea was to do a small label and release pressing with good music and sleeve, I always doesn’t care about hype, trends, fashion of the moment in music industry, for me the guideline was to develop unknown artist with the help of most know artist as remixer on the b-side. I keep that in mind, today I still have demand on my first releases and back catalogue, that’s good.
In 2009 I started my radio shows on Radio Magnetic in Glasgow then on French Radio London, today I do 2 mixes by month on soundcloud

CLG– Why did you choose the name of Astro Lab for the label?

Laurent- Ok it’s a weird things, Astro is for pastor and Lab is for laboratory,

CLG– What can you say about the electronic scene in your country? Do you know any dj or label that you feel predilection ?.

Laurent- Before everything happened in Paris, now you can play and have good time everywhere in France. I’ve to admit that my best parties of the last year wasn’t in Paris but in Nantes, Bordeaux or Montpellier.
Concerning the label and Dj predilection, I’m thinking of Her Majesty’s Ship, David Shaw and Charlotte are really good friends of mine and I know their vision of music, David is for me one of the best producer at the moment with Pilooski, both are also really good Djs.

CLG– Tell us a little about yourself, at what time Laurent Pastor comes in contact with the world of electronic music?

Laurent- I always listened a lot of music from rock, jazz, soul to new wave and hip hop . I discovered electronic music lately, after the rave and warehouse period, I don’t have that electronic music culture actually, and don’t really like the night life either. Today I’m still searching why I love that kind of music.
Today I continue to explore all kind of music with my partnership with Edwin Europe, I’m taking care of the music development of the brand and I really like it, the crew is lovely and open minded, we also started a mixed section on soundcloud where electronic artists or djs played only non electronic music, first is by C.A.R.

CLG– What do you think about the current music scene? What are the labels that you are currently interested in?

Laurent- Yes there is good labels around at the moment, I would say Crimes Of The Future of Scott Fraser and Timothy J Fairplay, Les Disques de la Mort of Ivan Smagghe, Her Majesty’s Ship of David Shaw, label of producers.

CLG– How do you see the current media at the time that your label get to know? (Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp, Digital Stores, Blogs)

Laurent- I’m only using soundcloud and facebook actually, I’m pretty bad.

CLG– What releases Astro Lab has prepared us for this 2014?

Laurent- Next in june is She Lies EP with The Asphodells remix, then La Mverte & Hugo Capablanca with The Twins remix, FKClub EP with Pilooski remix, Treasure Hunting Vol 3 and more

CLG– There are many references in Astro Lab. Can you tell us any that you feel proud? (the jewel in the Crown, you know it).

Laurent- Difficult to answer, I am happy with collaborations with Ivan Smagghe, Andrew Weatherall, but at the same time with Pilooski, FKClub, Scott Fraser, Timothy J Fairplay, Hardway Bros or David Shaw and The Beats, hard to say, all are special and selected by talent and humanity .

CLG– Long experience in a label, as a Dj, when are you seeing to produce? Some new Project on your mind?

Laurent- Yes I’ve just started with my friend Marc of FKClub a music project called La Decadanse, first ep is almost ready, we will be also on 2 cd compilations with exclusives tracks, hush hush for the moment.

CLG– As an independent label responsible, How do you feel the piracy and illegal downloads affects the music ?

Laurent- I started the label before digital music, it was only about wax, today I still doing vinyl but also digital and since two years cds with the treasure hunting compilation. I’m an independent label, piracy is here everyday and it’s huge, what can we do against ?

CLG– At the moment of DJ set , How do you prepare them?

Laurent- I never prepare them actually, I only select couple of tracks I would like to play in a playlist, the tracks are a bit different depending on the place where I will play.

CLG– What to find who is approaching Thursday to your showcase in Razzmatazz?

Laurent- It will be the first Astro Lab Recordings Ballroom, as I said to my booker I don’t really want to play and tour alone anymore. It’ s why i decide to create the ballroom, the idea is to come with some artists of the label and play all night long, to create our mood. At Razzmatazz it will be with Scott Fraser, Timothy J Fairplay, Morgan Hammer, FKClub and me.

CLG– These days is celebrated in Barcelona the Sonar Festival, what is your opinion about the festivals? and sonar?

Laurent- There is a lot of speak about festivals these days, this is the « new things », good festival, bad festival, good audience, boring audience, everybody have something to say about it, but for me it’s a good way to travel, spend time with my artists and share good music.

CLG– Thank you very much Laurent.

Laurent- To you.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/153888694″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Lau Pastor (Astro Lab Records) – Como Las Grecas Exclusive Mix by Comolasgrecas_Mixes on Mixcloud

Picture: EDWIN photographer Benjamin J Robinson
In Exclusive Interview with Laurent Pastor by Jordi Ares in collaboration with German MT for ComoLasGrecas.


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