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Life For Dead – Year of the Beast Mixtape (2012)


Daniel Olarte (aka Fiero) has launched a new project called Life For Dead which will soon release its debut EP, and to start this new project has just released a mixtape of presentation, a project with her two great passions, horror films and disco music, something like Hooror-Disco, a mixtape where there are 2 tracks for presentation of Life For Dead along Thomas Bangalter or Bottin and John Carpenter …… highly recommended a mixtape ….

They live
We sleep!!!
Track listing
1)Thomas Bangalter, Stress
2)Life For Dead -Return of the living Dead
3)Bottin -Theme from V
4)Playmouth Fury Theme
6)Vercetti Technicolor-L’incubo senza fine
7)John Carpenter’s The end
8)Life for Dead -Madhattan
9)Thomas Bangalter Outrage
10)Nightrunner-Madhattan Remix


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