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Linear B presents The Journeyman [Rainbow Tipi]


Linear B returns to their Rainbow Tipi label with The Journeyman, with more cutting edge techno mutations dealing with the uncertainty that came with the pandemic.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him, and this has been the result.

Can you tell us a little about your experience? Where are you from / how did you get into music? Was it all internet based?

I was born in Belfast Northern Ireland, my parents moved us to London in the 70s due to the on going troubles in Belfast at that time, where I grew up, I’ve been into electronic dance music  since I was 13 listening to early electro/hip hop music like Arthur Baker, Afrika Bambaataa, Mann parish, warp 9, Hashim, cybotron, although my passion was graffiti art and break dancing, I grew up listening to a mixture of Irish folk/pop……and loads loads of country music.

Who have been your main inspirations (both musical and in “life”)? And how have they affected your sound?

I couldn’t say I had one main influence as there where many but I could say a good friend of mine John shoka introduced me to the rave scene and DJing back in the late 80s.

How would you define your sound? 

It’s a mish mash of everything I like, people describe it as dystopian techno that sits between house and techno…..I’m not one for pigeon holes.

How has your sound evolved so far?

I’m moving through styles from deep house to techno with the odd breakbeat sound thrown in from good measure, all the styles I was influenced by growing up.

What can you tell us about your last job? What inspired you? What do you want to convey?

My last job is an electrical engineer, there’s lots of problem solving, design build and installation, off which I mainly do testing and inspection and surveying installations for upgrades, I’ve worked in construction for over 30yrs so I’ve been round the block, Ive always had to do hard psychical work to earn a living…..I’m pretty good engineer too, problem solving a where I excel.

What can you tell us about each song that makes up your latest work? What is hidden behind?

“The journeyman” is inspired by difficult journeys in life, some say life is about the journey and not the destination, a journeyman is someone who spends most of their lives honing there skills.

“Long in the booth” is a play on words of “long in the tooth” I used the word booth as Djs spend a lot of time in the booth, the track describes being older still going to clubs and djin and still passionate about music and enjoying listening rather than raving, which I have done plenty over the years.

“Emerald Isle” is me explaining that I come from Ireland but using  the famous JFK speech to convey this, there’s been loads of interviews describing me as being English I’m actually Irish and hold an Irish passport which Is the only passport I have ever held, also I’m very much a proud to be a European as my ancestors my fathers side are French whose surname was Le Blanc.

How are you living the current situation because of COVID? Has your work affected you a lot? Do you think there is hope? I feel like the underground scene will continue to persist.

We moved out of London just before the COVID outbreak, I live in the countryside now in Kent near west Malling, it’s absolutely beautiful, we get to walk around some beautiful places some days we don’t bump into people whilst out walking it’s like you have the whole countryside to yourself, I have a large bit of land where I grow fruit & vegetables we keep chickens for eggs they came with the house as the previous owners moved far away ( we don’t eat chickens we are vegetarian) I recently got a dog he’s an Australian cattle dog he’s a smart boy very stubborn like me, my partner says you and him are exactly the same very strong willed and unruly lol, I get to drive a little ride on mover to cut the grass, I chop wood for winter and pick berries to store in the freezer, I’ve built a new studio it’s amazing space I only just got it all set up and running after being without a workspace whilst building works been going on which I’m hoping to open up for people to come and stay and work on music, I think the dance music scene will thrive, it’s a massive industry now I’ve seen it go from small raves in dirty abandoned factory’s to massive arenas over the years , it’s businesses these days, underground soon becomes overground there’s always hope.

What projects are you working on right now?

I’ve just set up my studio to run on a time clock so I can jam without a computer, I’m currently building a modular set up, it’s very confusing but I love the randomness of the sound, I’m helping my nephew start his music career, he’s 13 and very very good, he gets the vibes and is an amazing dj as well as his productions, I gave him some synths and lessons and off he went he has an Ep ready to go which will be released on my label Rainbow tipi next year his name is Charlie and will be releasing tracks as Dj Bear.






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