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Liste Noir #1 – The Long Long Summer [La Dame Noir Records LDNCD001] (2014)


From Marseille to the world and beyond, a group, a club, a record label, all under the name of La dame Noir, and little by little and without breaks, with great quality of their members, both as djs or producers, an exquisite and careful selection of artists who pass through the club, and a label that published their first reference in October 2011, and since then over 11 EPs published have shown good taste they have, and the very good selection of producers and remixers who participated in them, and on Monday, October 13 they will be published which will be the first compiled on the label, an excellent compiled which meet 13 exclusive tracks, a selection of international artists with a personal sound, characteristic, that move through different musical styles, a very recommendable compilation, of those essentials, to always accompany the Dj, 13 tracks, 70 minutes, 13 gems…
Opening the compiled a smooth, slow, relaxed with Alexandre Mouracade aka Sonns with ‘Infinite Spring’, followed by heavenly moments with Forty Fings Dynamo and their beautiful and delicate ‘Get Back To Me’, and moved on to darkness and mystery with Did Virgo feat. Johanna with his intriguing ‘Medusa Somnium’, a journey through space with Tkuz feat. Myriam Love and their sidereal trip with ‘I Don’ t Want’ and continuing the cosmic journey with Fred Berthet aka Dj Steef aka Copyshop and ‘Fifth Season’ with his hypnotic and arpeggiated synthesizers, and reach the center of the nightclub with Dicky Trisco and his ‘Discoteca’ with a sound between Moroder and kraftwerk; Amevicious with its nerve and mysterious ‘Fashion Is Not A Reason’, the collaboration between FKClub and Morgan Hammer with their ‘Raro’, and hypnotic, dark, strong, great track; the veteran Tim Paris with his delicious ‘Echoes of 1973’, excellent debut of the new project of Slow Porn (Remain & Phred Noir) with ‘Gate 13’, slow, mysterious, dark, enigmatic; delicious Pulp Disco & The Outcasts with ‘Down And Out In Paris and Manchester (Lost Mix)’, firing those synthesizers, mysterious voices, and atmospheres with much fog and darkness; up the pace with another collaboration, Haunted Strasse & Lokier and their ‘Flashes And Storm’, a track full of galactic flashes in the darkness, vibrant track, and completing the compilation with La dame Noir with ‘The Long Long Goodbye’, a delicate way to complete and close this highly recommended compilation.

Liste Noir 1 – The Long Long Summer [La Dame Noir Records LDNCD001] (13 October, 2014)
1 Sonns – Infinite Spring 06:43
2 Forty Fings Dynamo – Get Back To Me 04:09
3 Did Virgo – Medusa Somnium (feat Johanna) 07:20
4 Tkuz – I Don’t Want (feat Myriam Love) 05:26
5 Fred Berthet – Fifth Season 07:00
6 Dicky Trisco – Discoteca 07:06
7 Amevicious – Fashion Is Not A Reason 06:24
8 FKClub & Morgan Hammer – Raro 06:41
9 Tim Paris – Echoes Of 1973 04:59
10 Slow Porn – Gate 13 06:11
11 Pulp Disco & The Outcasts – Down & Out In Paris & Manchester (Lost mix) 08:07
12 Haunted Strass & Lokier – Flashes & Storm 04:16
13 La Dame Noir – The Long Long Goodbye 03:44

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