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Local Suicide: “Music has always been the center of our lives”

Hailing from Berlin, DJ and producer duo Local Suicide sets and releases are indebted to the electronic scene. These inspirations feed into much of their back catalogue which has seen them rack up EPs for imprints like Multi Culti, My Favorite Robot, Roam, hfn, Lumiere Noire, Eskimo, Tusk Wax, Duro, Ombra, Nothing is Real, as well as a string of remixes. If you’ve managed to catch the pair play before then you’ll know their sets also embrace these sounds; driving, high energy and euphoric. Here we interview them after their release of their latest EP Dominator with Kalipo.
When and how did you get your interest in electronic music?
Local Suicide – Brax Moody: I first got into electronic music in the early 00s listening to the likes of Apparat, Four Tet, Burial, Caribou & DJ Koze. After moving to Berlin I listened a lot to early Ed Banger & Kitsuné electro stuff and then slipped deeper into it.
Local Suicide – Vamparela: I was always more into rock music, but never had any genre limitations, I always listened what appealed to me at the moment, not caring about trends, what other people around me listen to or think is cool and so on. The first electronic music bands I loved when I was a teenager were The Chemical Brothers and Prodigy. Then electoclash arrived and swept me off my feet and around that time also the electro remixes of indie songs were a thing. It was the time when I had just started djing in the city where I was studying, so I incorporated electroclash and electro remixes into my dj sets mixed with indie, new wave, dark wave, pop, hip hop and whatever else I liked at that time.
Ozan Tezvaran
Ozan Tezvaran
How did you decide to dedicate into production?
Local Suicide: We were both doing music with various bands since we were teenagers. We met in 2008, started djing together, shortly had a band called Local Suzie with another friend of ours and eventually started working on our own music around 2012.
What is your criterion when you are producing? What inspires you?
Local Suicide: We don’t really have a masterplan. Usually we just jam and then everything comes organically & spontaneous. But of course we get inspired by everything around us, like art, travels, films, books, other producers and friends.

How do you assess the trajectory you have had and what were the reasons that led you to start it?
Local Suicide: Music has always been the center of our lives. We both had radio shows when we were teenagers and then slowly started djing at a very young age. When we met and became a couple, we were both djs with a deep interest in music as a whole, and it was only natural to start djing together. Since our first release back in 2014 on Bordello a Parigi, we have spent lots of time making music, collaborated with many talented artists, remixed tracks by great artists, released on labels we love such as Multi Culti, My Favorite Robot, Roam, hfn, Lumiere Noire, Eskimo, Tusk Wax, Duro, Ombra, Nothing is Real and more and travelled the world djing. We are very happy we are able to experience all of this together and are looking forward to what the future brings!
Ozan Tezvaran
Ozan Tezvaran
What was your criterion when producing your last EP?
Local Suicide: We have known Kalipo since many years and have always valued him as a friend and producer, but only last year we finally visited him in his amazing studio and made some music together. We all loved what came out of it and met again and again, which resulted in a series of EPs that will be released this year on Hold Your Ground. The only criterion was to create music for the dancefloor.
The first of these EPs, “Dominator” is out now including two originals and three amazing remixes; two by Mexican Mateo Gonzalez under his Theus Mago and his Bufi monikers and one by Saint Petersburg duo Radial Gaze.
on SC:

Could you recommend a set that you are especially proud of, and that we can see on your Soundcloud or on YouTube?
Local Suicide – Brax Moody: The mix that we are probably most proud of at the moment is the one for Joyce Muniz’s show on FM4 which is basically a “best of” mix with only remixes & originals from us. Growing up in Munich, FM4 (Austria’s most important public youth radio station) was always my favourite station as they have a great selection far off the mainstream. To get asked for an interview + mix with only our productions for them by Joyce Muniz was a huge honour for us!

What can you tell us about the scene of your city? What would you improve?
Local Suicide:
Partying in Berlin is without a doubt a one of a kind experience; there is a lot of freedom, many parties in clubs and off locations, going out clubbing is almost mainstream and not looked down upon (you can easily mention it to your boss and it wouldn’t make you an outcast), the prices are still relatively low, it is generally safe and many interesting people from all over the world live in this city. Among those interesting people are also many Djs who live here and many more who visit Berlin to play or/ and party. As a result you have lots of top notch international and local Djs playing every week in various clubs of the city. No matter what night it is, you can be sure that there is a good party happening somewhere.
What is difficult for Dj’s living in Berlin is the competition. A common joke – for a reason – is that everyone in Berlin is a Dj. Therefore it’s not easy to get gigs and the fees are quite low compared to other German and European cities. Another big problem in our opinion is that the door policy has completely changed over the past years. It has gotten very strict and the decision whether someone will get in or not is often either random (so you cannot really know beforehand if you are getting in) or sometimes discriminating. Doing a big queue often under unpleasant weather conditions, while not being sure if you are going to get in or if all your friends will get in, definitely takes away some of the joy of partying.
Ozan Tezvaran
Ozan Tezvaran
Finally, what can you tell us about your present and future projects?
Local Suicide: 
We just got back from a big Mexico tour, so there are no big tour plans at the moment, as we both have full time jobs.

But we do have some gigs confirmed in the near future, in Berlin, Frankfurt, Lyon, Thessaloniki, Larisa and Budapest. Furthermore we have signed a few EP’s & tracks to various labels, which will be announced very soon and have been working on collaborations with artists like Theus Mago, Alejandro Paz, Skelesys, Thomass Jackson, Joyce Muniz, Kid Simius, Jarle Brathen & more in the past months.


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