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Lordakat – Candy Lovers EP [Rock To The Beat Records] (2015)


From Bordeaux and from the hand of the French label of Rock To The Beat Records (Noar Wald, Steve Ekman & Markus GIBB) comes the debut of Dj and producer of Lordakat aka Félix Dakat, reference number 19 of the label, Lordakat is a producer who finds his inspiration in the horror movies from 80s, full of darkness and mystery, a debut for the label with an original composition that is accompanied by 2 excellent remixes, first from Portugal with the producer of SwitchSt(d)ance (who soon released his new EP for the label of the Beachcoma Recordings) and then from Japan with Kezokichi (who recently started his new record label of Blindetonation), an EP which is accompanied by a video for ‘Candy Lovers’, a video made by the Canadians of Impulse Film Productions.

Lordakat presents ‘Candy Lovers’ full of darkness and mystery, more than 6 minutes with a slow tempo that traps us in the darkness, with sounds very influenced by horror films of the 80s, mysterious voices, almost terrifying that going with the track, and synthesizers by launching distortions that increase the tension of the track; and accompanying the track, 2 excellent remixes, first with the Portuguese producer of SwitchSt(d)ance, who raises the tempo of the track, some percussion and bassline that traps us, increasing tension and hypnotism of the track; and then with the Japanese producer of Kezokichi, still raises more the tempo, new added elements that give it one touch more for a club, and a sound more 80s as well as more modern, totally hypnotic. Great release, great original, and 2 great remixes.

Lordakat – Candy Lovers EP [Rock To The Beat Records RTTB019] (31 March 2015) Buy @ Beatport
1 Lordakat – Candy Lovers (Original Mix) 6:25
2 Lordakat – Candy Lovers (Switchst(d)ance Remix) 6:57
3 Lordakat – Candy Lovers (Kezokichi Remix) 7:39



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