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Los Massieras – We Don’t Need… EP [WYN & M] (2015)


Born a new record label, WYN & M, a label founded by french producers of Mathieu Besset and David Ducaruge, Mathieu Besset, who besides being a producer, he is the manager of the Like Life Records, and David Ducaruge, member of Sex In Dallas & Biladoll among other formations, come together to create this new platform with an open vision of music, so for the first reference presented a new EP of Los Massieras a band that began 5 years ago by Hugo Capablanca and Andrew Claristidge (from Acid Washed) as a joke, the idea was the playing live re-edits of old and forgotten songs, a rarities, a formation which was joined by the artist and musician born in London and living in Berlin of Satch Hoyt, and that debut in 2010 with 2 EPs on the label of Bananamania, since then, some live performances and so far no new publication, and are now the first reference of this new label, an EP which presented 3 new cuts, that are and complemented with a different version of one of the cuts, and 2 remixes, Parallax Octet and the Versailles producer of Turzi aka Romain Turzi.

This first reference of WYN & M with Los Massieras opens with ‘We Don’t Need…’, sounds as a slow disco, hypnotic percussion and extraterrestrial sounds that gives an atmosphere of fun, with a touches of dub, catchy and fun cut, the second mixt called ‘We Don’t Need This Dubby Thing’, deepens the sound dub and psychedelic, with a more cosmic synths, a delicious galactic trip and finally, ‘Parallax Octet Remix’, where psychedelia seizes the remix, our minds to carry them from traveling to imaginary paradises.

On the other side of the EP, with ‘Black Moon’, with nearly 7-minutes of more psychedelic sound, a mental trip, with a second part in which the bass directs the cut. And with ‘The Disintegration of Berlin’ lead us to one more dreamy melodies, environmental, and a pace that we catch and captivates and takes us back to other times, a melancholy cut. And completing the EP with the remix of Turzi for the cut of ‘Black Moon’, transformed the original in a magic cut, of great beauty, full of mystery, a delight of remix.

Los Massieras – We Don’t Need… EP [WYN & M WYNM001] (18 September, 2015)
1 Los Massieras – We Don’t Need… (Original Mix) 5:22
2 Los Massieras – We Don’t Need this dubby thing (Original Mix) 5:47
3 Los Massieras – We Don’t Need… (Parallax Octet Remix) 5:14
4 Los Massieras – Black Moon (Original Mix) 6:43
5 Los Massieras – The Disintegration of Berlin (Original Mix) 4:33
6 Los Massieras – Black Moon (Turzi Remix) 5:34

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