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Louie Fresco – Autophobia (LP) [No.19 Music NO19CD006] (2014)


The Canadian label of No. 19 Music (run by Johnny White, half of Art Department) this year celebrates its fifth anniversary, and matches one bets that most believed on the label, the Mexican producer and resident in Mexicali (Baja California) of Louie Fresco (co-founder of Mexa Records label), who debuted by the hands of Canadian label in 2012 with his successful single ‘So Good’, a tribute to Moroder/Summer and last summer published his ‘Autophobia’ with a sound closer to the Trip-Hop, with the collaboration of Luna, and this year published ‘Arabian Sexcapade’ which incorporated Arabic rhythms, and now comes this excellent producer’s debut album, including those previous 3 singles, with a total of 11 tracks recorded in his studio in Mexicali, an album that moves very easily by the different musical styles influencing him, opening it with the collaboration in the vocals of Aquarius Heaven in ‘Missunderstood’ with a sweet hip-hop and catchy rhythms, and with ‘White Sugar’ and ‘Do Ya’ with those sounds more hypnotic, deep and captivating and reached by an interlude for his hit ‘So Good’ relaxed, and a new version of his ‘So Good’ and his latest single ‘Arabian Sexcapade’ and again those hypnotic rhythms and more for a club with ‘Owl Night’, and another interlude, ‘Thirll Me’ with percussions and a voice that says ‘Wake Up’, to reach his collaboration with Luna on ‘Autophobia’, and another track with trip-hop rhythms as it is ‘Hunter & Prey’, and closing the album with the nearly 9 minutes of epic of ‘Alternate Dimension (Nothing Will Fall Apart)’. Great debut album from a producer that each new production increases his great reputation.

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