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Lusty Pitch – Two Girls & 909 EP [Scalectric Music](2016)


Last week went on sale the new of Scalectric Music. This label commanded by Xar Lee brings his fifth reference in digital format. This time Scalectric have opted for a new talent in the world of national house, Lusty Pitch.

Native to Castellon and resident in Barcelona, ??”Ricardo” takes its time as a professional flautist in the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra. He worked in the 90s as a DJ with exquisite musical taste, playing at clubs like “Masia” (Valencia) or Amnesia (Gran Canaria). In Barcelona on 2015, ??he decided to resume his love for electronic music hiking deep into computer music, focusing especially on the House with very marked influences from the 90 . His style is raw and dry but with much hook, use few elements to convey a concept or idea is something that like very much to the people Scalectric.


Lusty Pitch is presented in Scalectric Music with Two Girls & 909. A disk with a very old school soul, raw rhythm that are seasoned with long sequences 303 and vocal “one shoot”. Two cuts 100% clickable reminding us that there was much movement in America in the 80s and 90s. Two Girls & elprimer 909 is cut that opens the disc, a static track with very marked and long battery sequences synths. “Stupid things people” would be something more than the previous one, providing a darker hue. Xar Lee, ship captain of Scalectric, who is remixing the second cut, Stupid Things People Say. Xar Lee has chosen not to break the power of the original track with a wink in addition to sound in the Valencia of 90’s


Music Scalectric meet in June 2016 in their first anniversary and for the occasion will release a compilation consists of several house artists who include names like Ekai or Scan Mode . We were able to also know that have large bombings as an artist for this year. So we must be attentive to the upcoming releases.


From “las Grecas” we support new quality label as Scalectric Music and they have nothing to envy to the big Majors.


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English by Sara N (Shara Music)


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