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Macaulay – Raw Files [Melómana Records] (2016)


Macaulay, the emerging Mexican producer, returns to one of the Spanish labels that has contributed to the production of own sounds, away from vernacular trends: Melómana Records, owned by the Spanish Gameboyz. They launch an EP that goes beyond subtleties and experiments, throwing directly to bite the ankle with a crazy, crazy and powerful techno uncut: “Raw Files”. If the EP “The Son”, published more than two years ago on the same label, he served the artist to define a sound and record anything soft and delicate ways, “Raw Files” has managed to refine, refine and to further his musical concept. Here we find an EP consisting of two cuts designed not so much to be danced. Done to throw the public directly to the dance floor. The album starts with the eponymous track “Raw Files”, with a powerful, frantic and raw bassline, guided by a repetitive and distorted voices, very inspired by the current Mexican electronic sound. It is followed by the terrifying track “The Last” that close the ep, resounding untill to say enough, with otherworldly vocals that give it a mystical touch, ideal to take ecstasy on the dance floor. Because, as we know, is not the same raise a dance floor that to be able to get it to climax, nor greetting or closing after having given everything.

The Macaulay care for sounds is measure up of who do things because they want and to spend all the time they really need. So in “Raw Files” it shows us that is due neither to anything or anyone and that with this striking confirmation of his talent in full expansion, he still playing fun. and in what way. So be it, forever.


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