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Machine Soul EP [Musik Kick Up] (2015)


”Synthesizer is like a small animal stuck somewhere inside the machine.” -Timo Kaukolampi, K-X-P

This last summer was premiered in Finland the film documentary of ‘Machine Soul‘, directed by Tero Vuorinen, and based on an idea of the director when he was a student at the school of film, and that in 2014 began the production of the same, a documentary about Finnish musicians of electronic, a look at the methods used, rituals and philosophies that behind every musician,the scene of the electronics in Finland told by the artists themselves, a few artists, who often are completely unknown in his country, and instead have a major international impact, and to complement this documentary, has been released a vinyl 12″ in white colour and in limited edition with 4 exclusive tracks from Finnish artists, thus in this 12″ we found the veteran and master of Jori Hulkkonen, another veteran as Randy Barracuda aka Perttu Eino Häkkinen and his collaboration with Stiletti-Ana aka Ilari Larjostom, who this year published a mini-album for the French label of I’m A Cliche, the artist of Hannu Ikola with some EPs in Finnish label of Etherwerks, and finally another veteran, Mono Junk aka Kimmo Rapatti, artist active since the beginning of the 90s.

Opening ‘Machine Soul‘ with one of the Finnish artists with more international prestige, an artist that this year is celebrating his 20th anniversary in the music industry, the master of Jori Hulkkonen, who presents ‘Crashcourse In Violence’, more than 7 minutes of techno sound, dark, club sound, so begins the track, analog launching it sequences, creating a dark atmospheres a few percussions with tribal touches that invite us to dance hypnotically, it will progressively joining musical layers and at half of the trak is given entry to some melancholy and cosmic synths, to return again to gallop, to advance in the midst of the darkness.

The collaboration between veteran Randy Barracuda with Stiletti-Ana, an artist who during the last decade has been working in production and as musician and on various projects as music in the underground scene in Finland, and from 2014 started his solo project, and for this compilation they presented ‘Mlipuke (live Automation mixxx)’, 6 minutes of crazy synths, repetitive sequences which joins a few hard-hitting drums, a raw bassline, reverberated, 6 minutes of madness on the dance floor.

Hannu Ikola with ‘Tall Buildings’ introduces us in some areas deeper and hypnotic of techno, dark cut for the high hours at the club.

And finally, the veteran producer of techno, with his beginnings in the 90s in his own label of Dum Records, Mono Junk presenting ‘Looking For’, with his usual use of analog machines, his sound raw and energetic, a deep and dense techno, inspired by the classic sound of Detroit and Chicago, an artist who never uses software for his compositions.

Machine Soul EP [Musik Kick Up KCKUPLP 151005] (27 November, 2015)
Side 1
1. Jori Hulkkonen – Crashcourse In Violence (Original Mix) 7:07
2. Randy Barracuda & Stiletti Ana – Mlipuke (live Automation mixxx) 6:22
Side 2
1. Hannu Ikola – Tall Buildings (Original Mix) 6:15
2. Mono Junk – Looking For (Original Mix) 5:59

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