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Make The Girl Dance – Interview Exclusive (CLG 2013)


Make The Girl Dance, Greg Kozo & Pierre Matheu, just release their EP “Girlz ( Roy Music, 14 May 2013 ) with a video of the single and two remixes

1 – We talk about the video that has had Nabilla television star, hard Was shooting? Repeat scene, cut, something else in the body oil ….

Yes the shooting was very hard. Depressing… Miami, these horrible girls, all that oil on their body. Fucking disgusting… :)…. No for real it was a super day. Only one day of shooting in a studio in Miami with an american crew. I was directing these girls. Make them dance. Just what we do with the band for years in fact… 🙂 Make The Girl Dance, Greg Kozo & Pierre Matheu, just release their EP “Girlz ( Roy Music, 14 May 2013 ) with a video of the single and two remixes

2 – Your Videos always have some controversy, is your seal?

Surprisingly it’s not the first goal of our video. We just want to make video with an idea.And because we have twisted minds it always end in a controversy idea. Perhaps it’s because we are 2 big perverts.

3 – How did the idea of working with Yo Majesty! and that such a process?

I saw this amazing girl band on stage 5 years ago in Paris. They always end their show topless on stage. They act like punk rockers and I like that. 2 years ago we got in touch with them. They asked us for an instrumental track for their album. So when we were looking for hip hop lyrics for Girlz we thought they could return the favour. They said yes. We are super proud.

4 – Within the EP are two remixes, one of the Germans Ostblockschlampen and another Spanish Midibots, talk about this.

Each time we release a single, we ask people to make some remixes. What we like the most is to make remix with people we met on tour. With friends. We met Ostoblockschlampen in Germany. They were super cool even if I can’t pronounce their name… Midibots it’s the same. We met them in Spain. Have a great time. We were talking about collaboration one day… And that day happened. It’s as simple as that. By the way. It’s not only good people. They are super talented !

5 – This year I have seen in Spain and you have two shows coming up more, Arenal Sound and Miracle party (KGB), what you think of the scene in the country?

At the beginning, 4 years ago, Spain was hard to play. Our music sounded too “noisy” for the audience. But for 2 years things have changed. And now it’s the best crowd we can meet in all Europe. We love to play there. One of our biggest memory was the festival we made in summer in Spain (Low Cost Festival and Electromar). I hope the next gigs will look like that. They told me Arenal was huge ! We love to play on a big scene in front of thousands people. It’s electrifying !

6 – MTGD A perfect night? without show

It depends. Because we have both children a perfect night could be an empty apartment, with a good movie and 12 hours sleeping. But a night with nice girls and drugs can be an other solution.

7 – With show

The perfect night starts with a table with good guys / girls. A good meal (como jamon iberico pata negra 5J…). A good show with a super crowd. And if there’s a blowjob at a moment of the night, why not.

8- Does that sound always or almost always in a session of MTGD?

when we are in studio the idea is always to make some tracks to make people dance. We always think about a young rock and roll girl on high eals. Would she dance like crazy with her hair on that track ? For the show it’s the same. We like to make them dance, harder and harder.

9 – Future Projects

We already have a new single ready to release with a remix. A little bit harder than Girlz. The name is “One for You, One for me”. It will be released on september.

10. Anything to say to your fans Spanish?

A question for you guys: Why do you call a blowjob “Un frances”? Nobody can answer me….

Interview by: Andrés Martín

Make The Girl Dance – GirlZ (Official Music Video) por makethegirldance

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