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Mariam the Believer – Remixes [Moshi Moshi / Co-op MOSHI189] (2014)


One of our favourite London labels, Moshi Moshi Records, presents the remixes of four of the new tracks of Mariam the Believer, a very complete EP with remixes of great names of the current electronic music scene. The first name is Wolf Müller, the man behind the label of Themes from Great Cities, delights us with a track where the vocals take a clear role, accompanied by a some incredible drums where Indian drums transport us to another dimension. The following is the great Richard Norris, where that bass and pads create a perfect atmosphere with clear reminiscence techno in both versions of the “Love Is Taking Me Dver”, a fabulous psychedelic epic. The following is Justus Köhncke with a fabulous remix where that great bass takes the weight of the track together with those vocals so cool in “Above The World”. Leo Zero slows down the bpms and takes the track of “Blood Donation” to the universe disco-funk, Dub Version. The fifth remix key break in charge of Boxed In, shows another face of the “Invisible Giving”, with a some away pianos transport us to a new universe. The last remix comes in charge of the name Prins Thomas, partner of Full Pupp with Todd Terje and Jarle Østberg, takes over in “Invisible Giving” to take the track to the side more cosmic, with those drums that characterize him and an amazing progression, this remix makes a key part for the dance floor.

Mariam the Believer – Remixes [Moshi Moshi / Co-op MOSHI189] (2014-10-27) Buy @ Beatport
1 Invisible Giving (Wolf Müller Mix) 6:42
2 Love Is Taking Me Over (Richard Norris Love Remix) 7:26
3 Above The World (Justus Köhncke Remix) 7:12
4 Blood Donation (Leo Zero Dub) 8:48
5 Invisible Giving (Boxed In Remix) 6:02
6 Invisible Giving (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) 8:40
7 Love Is Taking Me Over (Richard Norris Love Is Dub Remix) 7:26


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