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Markus Gibb – Puppy EP [Rock To The Beat Records RTTB 014] (2014)


From Montpellier Dj and producer Markus Gibb returns to French label Rock To The Beat Records which already publish an EP in 2012, and after passing late last year by Clouded Vision label with his ‘Broken’ now presents this ‘Puppy EP’ with 3 new tracks and 4 remixes, and opening it with the blunt ‘Puppy’ faturing San Carol, a track over 7 minutes with a very mysterious intro giving way to powerful bass, synths and dark along with excellent vocals, accompanying the track with 2 remixes, the first with producer Squarewave, lowering the tempo of the track, and with almost spooky effects in vocals, with an increase of mystery and darkness in the track, and the producer from Moscow and based in Berlin of Dimitri Veimar with his ‘Siberian acid Party’ comes to an excellent journey through the acid, killer remix; ‘Rico’, with the tempo more uploaded than the previous track, and again strong synths and dark rhythms that trap us in the melodies, track accompanying remix from Badajoz with Da Well (1/3 of Gameboyz) adding darkness and acid to remix, excellent remix; the last original track, ‘Tohl’ excellent synths and hypnotic rhythms in 7 minutes track, accompanying by the remix of Demian , with a very dark remix, for late in the club, frenetic pace.

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