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Marvin & Guy – Fire! Fire! [Permanent Vacation] (2017)


First release of these two gentlemen lovers of pasta in Permanent Vacation in this 2017, this duo formed by Alessandro Parlatore and Marcello Giordani, more known as Marvin & Guy, which opened borders with two pumps baked in the patriotic stamp Hivern. These lovers of the Carpenter film give us other four wonderful productions, fresh and bright with a taste as good they say between the eternal journey of route 66 and a film by stories of the crypt. This impeccable production les has echo appear by seals as a Correspondant, helmed by Jennifer Cardin or Eskimo.

The first track called “Theme from Fire!” Fire!’ is one of those cuts taken off of a movie of fear, opens the disk of way serena, with a sound soft, cosmic and disc. Played battery gives you a perfect organic part to merge with this synthetic deployment that they both like the duo. A track where the progression you make maintain the belief in the ritual of the dance during their almost 7 minutes of duration. He second Court of name ‘ awake (your senses), is a track where collaborates the duo of Mexico, Zombies in Miami (another of those couples with a long trajectory low their arms), where the Ode to the eclecticism more deep and absorbent, another great production where them vocal of them Zombies you teleport to a universe much more dark and close to the Burning man.

He third track signed by the duo of name Mother Nature is Calling You’ is a small trip to them estate more tribal, where the nature and the gods is face in a balance perfect in a travel synthetic, organic and bright. A little voice whispering and cheerful give meaning to the incredible atmosphere that gets the track. A production much more crisp and clear without any pretense of cover to which me seems a good letter of farewell. To close the disc, and of a form perfect, the Italian is return to transport to the Indian more psychedelic and synthetic. A production bright in key acid, with a wink to the science fiction, and of name “Moreno”. A track that will hear quite in the tracks of dance thanks to that sound tribal and chamico capable of drag you to the track of dance from their first beats.

These four tracks of extreme quality, and fine where as my math teacher said the order does not affect its value, either jointly or individually.


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