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Massimiliano Pagliara – With One Another [Live At Robert Johnson PLAYRJC 032] (2014)


Italian producer and resident on Berlin of Massimiliano Pagliara tomorrow will publish his second studio album, and the same that his previous album on the German label of Live At Robert Johnson, an album consists of 8 tracks on vinyl and 13 on digital edition, and that includes the participation of other producers, analog sounds, synthesizers, rich melodies, great album, an album that opens with ‘And We Kissed’ and those synthesizers arpeggiated, rhythmic; a cosmic and space fly with ‘A Dream I Get Stuck In’; with the 9 minutes of ‘Long Distance Call’ with the collaboration of Telephones with a bright developments and progression of the track; Mavin singer is responsible for putting his voice in ‘We Have Time’ with a classical piano accompanying the track; powerful drums for the start of ‘Everything That Happens Is Supposed To Happen’ to which is attached a powerful bassline and then those cosmic synths with a constant crescendo development; up to the maximum tempo in ‘Gagacid’ with nd_baumecker, with touches of acid mixed with the spacy synthesizers, with a steady pace; again those touches of acid and great bassline with ‘Fall Again’ with Lee Douglas; tribal rhythms with ‘Native Tribes Of Jupiter’ with Credit 00; analog developments with ‘Can’ t Get You Out Of My System’; more melodic and soft with ‘With One Another’ with Benedikt Frey and Nadia D’Alò, sweet voice and touches of acid; and closing the album with the slow and hypnotic ‘Now And Forever’; and as a bonus in the digital edition, ‘We Have Time (Instrumental)’ and ‘Your Love Away (Instrumental)’ with Jules Etienne, with some excellent synthesizers.
An excellent album of Massimiliano Pagliara, a producer who has already shown great quality that has well over the years.

Tracklist – digital:
1. And We Kissed
2. A Dream I Get Stuck In
3. Long Distance Call (with Telephones)
4. We Have Time (feat. Mavin)
5. Everything That Happens Is Supposed To Happen
6. Gagacid (with nd_baumecker)
7. Fall Again (with Lee Douglas)
8. Native Tribes Of Jupiter (with Credit 00)
9. Can’t Get You Out Of My System
10. With One Another (with Benedikt Frey)
11. Now And Forever
12. We Have Time (Instrumental Bonus)
13. Your Love Away (with Jules Etienne) (Instrumental Bonus)

Tracklist – 2 x LP (Vinyl includes download code for the album):
A1. A Dream I Get Stuck In
A2. Long Distance Call (with Telephones)
B1. We Have Time (feat. Mavin)
B2. Everything That Happens Is Supposed To Happen
C1. Gagacid (with nd_baumecker)
C2. Fall Again (with Lee Douglas)
D1. Native Tribes Of Jupiter (with Credit 00)
D2. With One Another (with Benedikt Frey, feat. Nadia D’Alò)

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