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Max Cue – Mindfulness [Manual Music MANCD012] (2014)


Belgian producer of Max Cue (Andy Verschaeren) has just released his second album, 5 years of his ‘Defining Life’, and now comes with ‘Mindfulness’ for the Dutch label of Manual Music (Paul Hazendonk), an excellent album composed of 10 tracks, more an intro and an outro, a dark atmospheres, and that sound between techno and trance, classical progressive, melodic techno, executed with much elegance and a very neat production, including a some very good orchestral arrangements and a lot of good ideas, 65 delicious minute of the album, the inclusion of the cello and that steady bassline to beautiful melodies in ‘Mindfulness’ are responsible for opening the album and lead to its magical atmospheres, and that magic continues with the hypnotic ‘Lights Out’, a neat intro in ‘Patience’, to include elements of strings and piano in the melodic rhythms; the sad and melancholy of ‘Emptiness’, including bells, pure musical feeling, more space and dark with the brilliant ‘Triangle’, touches of reverberation and sound more raw and powerful with ‘Nothing Personal’, a small nod to the acid with ‘Isolation’, reaching moments of saturation sounds, sinister, mysterious and captive with ‘Feuerzeug’ of more than 8 minutes; and completing the album, with a loud, forceful rhythm with ‘Violated’. A very good album and highly recommended.

Max Cue – Mindfulness [Manual Music MANCD012] (2014-10-06)
1. Mindfulness Intro 02:39
2. Mindfulness 06:18
3. Lights Out 06:45
4. Patience 06:33
5. Emptiness 06:15
6. Triangle 04:48
7. Nothing Personal 07:08
8. Isolation 07:02
9. Feuerzeug 08:13
10. Violated 07:09
11. Violated Outro 02:21

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