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Max Farlane – Re-Epiphany EP [Inlab Recordings ILR103] (2014)


In January the label of Inlab Recordings published ‘Glare EP’ by the Berlin producer of Max Farlane, and now, 20 references then on the label, returns to the label with a new EP, ‘Re-Epiphany EP’, 2 tracks and 2 remixes, opening this new EP with ‘Aglow Firmament’, bright 7 minutes, hypnotic, powerful rhythm in constant tension which leads mental trip on the dance floor, track accompanied by the remix from Berlin of Marc Poppcke, climbing slightly tempo and the duration (to almost 8 minutes), more melodic and spiritual, a delight of remix; the other original, ‘Yellow Frequency’, more darkly, with strange sounds and more for a club, hypnotic, and with a great development of the track, with mysterious voices that give it a special touch, track with the remix from the French producers of Willy Real & David Prap, with a remix that adds more mystery and very cinematic.

Max Farlane – Re-Epiphany EP [Inlab Recordings ILR103] (November 03rd, 2014) Buy @ Beatport
1 Max Farlane – Aglow Firmament (original mix) 06:47
2 Max Farlane – Aglow Firmament (Marc Poppcke remix) 07:52
3 Max Farlane – Yellow Frequency (original mix) 07:08
4 Max Farlane – Yellow Frequency (Willy Real & David Prap remix) 07:25


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