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Maxxi Soundsystem & Thomas Gandey – Shake Your Head [Moda Black] (2012)


Brighton Two producers from Brighton have joined to this collaboration, Maxxi Soundsystem & Thomas Gandey published by the Label from London Moda Black (sub-label of Moda Music) with 2 tracks, the ‘I Do not Care’ (track for which label has made ??a video), a song with dark sounds, deep, great song and almost seven minutes, beginning with a dark and deep voice, ‘Shake Your Head’ soft and sweet, with echoes in the voices, a deep more relaxed than the last, and then the remixes for ‘Shake Your Head’ are Jaymo & Andy George with a touch more for the dance floor, and darker than the original, great remix and for the song ‘I Do not Care’ PBR Streetgang are responsible for slow the track, and extending the time, approaching the track a little closer to the dance floor.

Maxxi Soundsystem & Thomas Gandey – Shake Your Head [Moda Black MB 009D] (10 December, 2012) Buy @ Beatport
1 I Don’t Care 06:51
2 Shake Your Head 06:41
3 Shake Your Head (Jaymo & Andy George remix) 05:57
4 I Don’t Care (PBR Streetgang remix) 08:01


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