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Minitel – Exclusive Mix ComoLasGrecas (2014)


From here we recommend the parties of the collective Minitel, and support this group we present to them, accompanied by an exclusive mixtape who have recorded for the blog, a national proposal that deserves full support and a promising future as evidenced by its already more than 4 years of activity, a parties in which all details are cared, from the music to a unique staging…

A party more party than regular session of techno music (not hard) that we do in Madrid and we are already on the 4th season.
Minitel has paraded through Paris, Burgos, Bilbao, Granada, Murcia and Puertollano.
Formed by a collective of djs. Staging and creativity. We love to surround ourselves with artists who do interesting things and that we have done since May 1 of 4 years ago.
We take care to end our posters and clips of video for the promos of our nights.
We spent some of our links, photos, facebook, youtube channel, sessions, etc.

Link 1. Our youtube channel in each Minitel do promotional videos. And here you have them all.
Link 2. All our photos and posters, which we cared much.
3. Video of either one Minitel in Madrid.
Link 4. Set of Poty Pompom.
Link 5. Set of Vulker.
Link 6. Tauen set. https://soundcloud.com/tauen Link 7. Vulker set (other)

MINITEL madrid www.youtube.com
MINITEL, art and dance CLUB.
Minitel Catchy dance music.
Smiles for love. Lips to kiss.
With Minitel, the night is for you.
With Minitel, you will dance…

Mixtape by Poty Pompom (Minitel) ComoLasGrecas

Next Parties:
Minitel Bilbao – El Balcon de Lola
Friday 28/November/2014

19 December Madrid
20 December Burgos


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