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Motorcycle Boy – Squalo Ep [Slow Motion records] (2016)


Slow Motion label (that continues with the publication of greats Eps, have gone by the label Discodromo, Fabrizio Mammarella, Alien Alien among others) introduces us to Federico Marchioli or better known as Motorcycle boy returns to the fray in the label that he was born, Slow Motion records. His music aims at a memorable personal moment on the dance floor, one of the new participants of the sound ‘Italian neo cosmic sounds’.

For this occasion the Italian presents six cuts, to enslave dance based on strong retro sounds. The first name “Artist Maledetto” is a kind of theme resulting to kraftwerk to a pasta party at the date, mixed with the more lysergic Moroder. A key acid trip, dark and organic. In the second Court of name “Funky I need a Break” lets see his part more funk and hip hop, with a break that distills a last lap robot, attached for a synthetic melody at the same time that French.

Third “Gioco” cut is related more with the own slow mo both coined the Italian modern sound, with drums and a bass flatly acid that is immersed in a synthetic of a sort of Mr Oizo Italian communion. “Trouble on the Audi” is another genius in key electro where the weight of the bassline is loaded in a very 707 rhythm box, where he continues to explore the darkness within the sound more eighties and retro that characterizes their sound.

We can finally listen to the two most different courts within the sound of Mr. Marchioli, the name “Catfish Slows Down” first, a track of cutting is more EBM and eighties, where rollazo slow motion appears in the form of retro tunes, thanks to come out of one of those pads Oberheim that both molaban at that time. Batteries full of toms from the very same simmos along with cowbells talking in an outstanding equation. To close the Lp “Dont stop tryin'” looks like a trip to the darker dancefloor in a clear nod to the Tiger & Woods more effective, a cooked well ingot loop to fire slow by a similar melody retroide, combining to do what we can confirm as a grand finale to finish this great work.

Six cuts where the producer demonstrates its good do after machines, giving a blow at the table after sporadic productions that serious kind and style of its own in equal parts.


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