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Mr BC – Protagonist [Logical Records] (2016)


There are labels with a musical career full of twists and dramatic effects, with multiple phases and genres explored over the years, but with time, although their productions and sounds change, there is a sense and a recognizable direction in your music. This is the case of the label Logical Records of Madrid. They are always versatile and they are betting on a very particular avant-garde concept, which has emerged as leading people like Phunktastike. But since 2015, the djs Javier Busto and Ivan de la Rouch (LosBikini), who teamed up to give a new varnish to this project over six years of travel time. What is their motivation? “Pure restlessness of wanting to capture, not only playing, but selecting tracks and remixes looking for “our way of understanding this style” in the words of Javier Busto. After launching productions as diverse artists like Cannibal Ink, Heretic, TKUZ or Monoblok this is the turn to “Protagonist” in this occasion The EP led by the overwhelming storm beats of the Scotish Mr.BC producer, aka Bob Salmond. If he has demonstrated something throughout his musical journey is that he isn’t afraid to bullfight in many styles and genres that are the most suitable. His track, playful and addictive, inaugurates this album with a strongly and energetic way , like it could drag us slowly to a delirious acid rain. It followed by the frantic and hypnotic remix of Ivan de la rouch, of the LosBikini duo, which leaves no respite and unties us to stick jumping on the dance floor, all accompanied by surround electric guitars, and that will guide us to creak in the next track of Duncan Gray, the founder of the label Tici Taci. Gray weapon remix of a solid sound, house brand, which don’t miss his psychedelia and electronic optimism feature. Finally, the productor Damon Jee, aka Jerome Da Silva, closes this EP so uncouth and thundering, with a progressive and hypnotic cut, like something out of a cartoon delirious western pulp.

“Protagonist” doesn’t leave anything along the way and conforms the mission that has always been electronic music: playing with the present and move into the unknown, beyond entertainment.


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