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Mr. T.C. – Soundtrack for Strangers EP [Optimo Music] (2015)


From Glasgow, in 2009 the DJ and producer of JD Twitch aka Keith McIvor founded his own label of Optimo Music, which in 2013 had its sisters labels of Optimo Trax and in 2014 Optimal Disco, along this years have been 30 EPs and 4 albums, in which the label has opted for new talents and a preference for local artists and bands, as their last great success with Golden Teacher, and now comes the debut of another artist from Glasgow, for reference number 30 on the label presented to Mr. T.C. aka Thomas Clarke, DJ and musician who also directs the parties of Night of the Jaguar at the Art School in Glasgow. ‘Soundtrack for Strangers EP’ is he debut EP in which Mr. T.C. has recorded 4 original compositions in which move very comfortably for different musical styles in which also shows great creativity and production thereof, in addition a music with influences of electronic music (disco, leftfield, house, techno … ) and also contains more rock influences, some influences that come from his stay in Luxembourg and form part of different bands of psychedelic rock, 4 compositions in which Mr. T.C. play all the instruments, an EP recorded in Glasgow Green Door Studio; and Mr. T.C. currently he is working on his live presentation.

What better way to open and present ‘Soundtrack for Strangers EP’ from Mr. T.C. in Optimo Music that the track called ‘T.C. Sound ‘, where over 8 minutes Mr. T. C. makes us an excellent presentation of his music, drums and bassline that push us in it to listening and dancing hypnotically, the analog launches raw sound, a Spanish guitar that adds a some fresh rhythms with arabesque melodies which a bind, and give input to vocal loops that presents Mr. T.C., killer track. In the second cut of more 8 minutes of ‘Soundtrack for Strangers’ continue the hypnotic atmospheres, touches more near to the krautrock and psychedelic, with refined and powerful guitar riffs, galloping percussion amid dark and mysterious voices, a cut more trippy; upping the tempo with ‘This is a Dance Hit’, with other 8 excellent minutes, this time a cosmic journey, more sidereal, the presence of an acid lines roaring amid the crazy shouting, energetic percussion, killer; and finally with ‘Hebrew House’, another hypnotic pump for the dance floor, a cut for a galactic dancefloor, a spoken female voice accompanies the cosmic synths, with a careful progression to the minimun detail, another brilliant cut this recommendable debut.

Mr. T.C. – Soundtrack for Strangers EP [Optimo Music OM030] (27 November, 2015)
1 Mr. T.C. – T.C. Sound (Original Mix) 7:56
2 Mr. T.C. – Soundtrack for Strangers (Original Mix) 8:32
3 Mr. T.C. – This is a Dance Hit (Original Mix) 7:51
4 Mr. T.C. – Hebrew House (Original Mix) 5:55

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