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Mushrooms Project – Psilocybe Odyssey Pt. I & II [Opilec Music OPCM 12 035] (2014)


Amazing, excellent, magical …. the next release in the Opilec Music (I- Robots), out next Monday, May 5, the label brings the great Italian duo of Mushrooms Project (Giorgio Giri & Marco Lentano) with new versions , 4 parts of 15 minutes each of their composition ‘Odyssey’, the acoustic version was already published in the label last year on the compiled ‘I- Robots Present : We Are Opilec … ! Vol II’ and now these new parts are published on 2 EPs with 2 parts each, and have enjoyed the cooperation of a master as Luca Roccatagliati aka Dj Rocca playing the flute and Marco Selvaggio on drums, Ivan “King” Torelli & Francesco Copelli on bass and guitars for this journey through the galaxies and the universe of Mushrooms Project, a highly recommended trip. ‘Odyssey I’ with touches of balearic, cosmic, excellent percussion, guitar riffs and a repetitive bass and development that engages us and makes us fly, ‘Odyssey II’ with more rhythms and influences of Krautrock, tuned guitars, cosmic synthesizers, ‘Odyssey III’ with a bright excellent guitars and percussion, guitars that dominate the composition along the magics synths that lead us to a state of mental trance; and closing with ‘Odyssey IV’ with a sound of voices in the intro and bass indicating the path of the track, with excellent percussion. Great music, pure music, pure feeling, highly recommended, 61 magic minutes. From Parma to the Galaxies…..

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