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Nahuel – Dark Days [Play Pal Music] (2019)

A new release from Play Pal Music is out, and this time they present Argentinian producer Nahuel and his dark and remarkable EP: «Dark Days». The EP sounds like the complexity of the mind and spirit of its author, which does not lack notable virtues. He is not a one-dimensional producer of fixed ideas, but rather a devourer of influences from many fields and genres.
The release consists of three original tracks and three remixes, by artists such as Motel77, Balam and Teniente Castillo. The main track, “Dark Days,” starts intensely, with a dark atmosphere, which submerges us as we go, at an increasingly bleak and murky depth. It is followed by the bright and melancholic «No Land», which melody and rhythm takes us into a desert and overwhelming terrain. They are followed vigorously by “Guerra”, where the dotted bass and its instrumental preciousness, close a theme that hides more than it shows, stimulates more than overwhelms.
On remix duties, Motel77 remix of «Dark Days», traces with a marked rhythm and wraps it up with psychedelic and raw synths. Balam’s remix of the track “No Land” goes beyond the original, adding narrative, cinematography and a unique atmosphere and finally, the EP closes with the big “Guerra” remix from Teniente Castillo who like on the rest of his tracks, can and should be heard as a slice of timeless music, while he shows off a throbbing dark disco, accompanied by dark guitars and deep bass lines.
The whole release is unique and its main merit has been knowing how to find coherence in diversity, because of the sentimental education of each member, their particular personality and vital project, and their ability to know how to metabolize diversity in surprise, and the unexpected in art. Few have managed to harmonize the construction of an EP as “Dark Days”, without weaknesses or fisures from beggining to end, as Nahuel does. In addition, it shows that once you know what you are looking for,  you are able to reach your destination by providing full satisfaction.


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