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Naum Gabo feat. Capablanca – Embargo Barco [Correspondant Music] (2013)


As always, the label of Jennifer Cardini, Correspondant, every new publication, a breath of fresh air, as in this latest release, for the Glasgow producer of Naum Gabo with the collaboration of unclassifiable producer of Hugo Capablanca to bring this ‘Embargo Barco’ and its 7 delicious minutes catchy tune, a funny and a letter that is an adaptation of a poem by Tanja Siren by Hugo Capablanca, great electronic base and that bass line that takes off with the power to make you jump through the air, which composition is in its original version and the instrumental, and to accompany these two versions, the remix of Daniel Maloso (Comeme) with an excellent work, adding those guitars and more freshness to the original composition, excellent work by Maloso.

Naum Gabo feat. Capablanca – Embargo Barco [Correspondant Music CORRESPONDANT15] (20 May, 2013) Comprar en Beatport
1 Embargo Barco (vocal) 07:01
2 Embargo Barco (Daniel Maloso remix) 05:28
3 Embargo Barco (instrumental) 07:01


  1. Nice post but! Lyrics are not meaningless, by any means. It’s poetry by Tanja Siren, adapted to spanish and to the song format by me. If you buy the 12″, you can see both the original poem and the adaptation process in the collage I designed for the insert.

    Las palabras doblan
    barcos de papel




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