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[New] Antrim – The Chemical Of Return EP [MNL] (2016)


The Dutch label of MNL, sub-label of Manual Music, founded and managed by dutch Dj and producer of Paul Hazendonk in 2005, and sister label of Cinematique among others, to initiate the 2016 presents the producer from Cordova (Argentine) of Antrim aka Guillermo Cornejo, an artist who since his debut in 2011 has a long list of productions distributed by different labels, and that last summer reached the MNL label with the inclusion of the track ‘Leak Gardens’ on the compilation EP of ‘Seasons Summer 2015’, and now presents his own EP with 2 original compositions and 2 remixes, an EP that opens with the progressive and emotional sounds of ‘The Chemical Of Return’, more than 7 minutes of deep melodies and cinematic sound, melodies that describe melancholy atmospheres, track that is accompanying by a remix from the Turkish producer of Erdi Irmak, who adds the forcefulness and enough energy to carry the remix to the dance floor in the darkness; the second original cut from Antrim is ‘Parallel’, melodic melodies are accompanied by percussion and mysterious sounds, a mysterious and dark atmospheres, cut that is accompanied by a remix from Barcelona with the producer of Gullen aka Gonzalo Oleaga aka Shit Japens, with a more minimalist reconstruction, full of mystery with a careful and delicate production, magical remix, to let fly the mind very far.

Antrim – The Chemical Of Return EP [MNL MNL077] (25 January, 2016)
1 Antrim – The Chemical Of Return (Original Mix) 7:12
2 Antrim – The Chemical Of Return (Erdi Irmak Remix) 7:45
3 Antrim – Parallel (Original Mix) 6:58
4 Antrim – Parallel (Gullen Remix) 6:50

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