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[New] Tala A.M. – Hot Koki Remixes EP [Africa Seven] (2016)


Last year debuted a new label called Africa Seven, a label based between London and Paris and with the idea of re-released old albums for artists of the African continent which currently are difficult to find, re-released these musical gems, either with complete albums or with compiled, thus in the last reference of 2015 published the compilation called ‘African Funk Experimentals 1975-1978’ from the legend of Tala A.M. aka André Marie Tala, an artist born in Cameroon and that he was a child, he lost his parents, and at age 15 was blind, and was focused on his passion of music, an artist who published his debut album in 1975 at the Fiesta Records, with the album called ‘Hot Koki’, which included the song of the same name, song that when James Brown hear it, he recorded the song ‘The Hustle’, and he was sued for plagiarism by Tala A.M., judgment which won Tala, and now Africa Seven to start the 2016 publishes ‘Hot Koki Remixes’, an EP that includes the original version of the mythical song, and 3 new remixes by contemporary artists, frist from New York with JKriv aka Jason Kriveloff with a remix in which keeps the original spirit of song, those glossy percussions, the bass on key funk, and the section of wind throwing the cut to the center of the dance floor; the second remix comes from London with producer EVM128 aka Luke Meads, who gives to remix a sound something more current and electronic; and the third remix, also from London with Ben Hauke, with choppy voices and a few atmospheres more deep and hypnotic; and finally, from Wolverhampton with Peza aka Lee Perry who offers a remix for the cut of ‘Black Gold’ from 1978, who gives you a boost of energy to the original song, a great rework.

Tala A.M. – Hot Koki Remixes EP [Africa Seven ASVN019] (8 January, 2016)
1 Tala A.M. – Hot Koki (JKriv edit) 05:26
2 Tala A.M. – Hot Koki (EVM128 remix) 05:56
3 Tala A.M. – Hot Koki (Ben Hauke remix) 06:04
4 Tala A.M. – Black Gold (Peza Rework) 06:25
5 Tala A.M. – Hot Koki (Original Mix) 05:10

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