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[New] Van Bellen – Let Me Take You (On a Journey) EP [Systematic Recordings] (2016)


The veteran German imprint of Systematic Recordings, founded and managed by Dj and producer of Marc Romboy, to start this new year presents a new EP of the series called ‘Systematic Presents Sounds Good’, with the idea of recovering old cuts with the add of new remixes, presenting the Vol. 1 in 2014 with a cut from Saints & Sinners of ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ with Wehbba remixes, so for this Vol. 2 presents a cut from 1997 by the Dutch producer of Van Bellen aka Jörg Querner, and his song of his debut called ‘Let Me Take You (On A Journey)’, published originally by the label of Superfly Records, opening this new Ep with a new collaboration of producers from Israel of Guy Mantzur & Roy RosenfelD, with an energetic, hypnotic, a remix with all the ingredients for the dancefloor, while maintaining the essence of the original track; the second remix comes with the veteran french producer of Sébastien Léger, with a reconstruction of the cut in key Disco, hi-NRG, robotic vocoder voices, frenetic remix, to put on fire the dancefloor, more than 8 minutes with its crescendos, moments of more relaxing, and moments of climax; the own Van Bellen offers a version with orchestral arrangements call ‘Fantasy Voyager Rework’, a journey of 7 minutes of soothing sounds, chill out, atmospheric environments, and the vocal parts of the original, with an epic piano; and finally, the EP is complemented with the original version of 1997, with all its energy and original force, and the female voice in all its glory.

Van Bellen – Let Me Take You (On a Journey) (Systematic Presents Sounds Good, Vol. 2) EP [Systematic Recordings SYSTDIGI16] (15 January, 2016)
1 Van Bellen – Let Me Take You (On a Journey)Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld Remix) 8:31
2 Van Bellen – Let Me Take You (On a Journey)Sebastien Leger Remix) 8:24
3 Van Bellen – Let Me Take You (On a Journey)Fantasy Voyager Rework) 7:00
4 Van Bellen – Let Me Take You (On a Journey)Original Mix) 8:29

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