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Nightcrawler – Metropolis [NightcrawlerMusic] (2014)


Almost two years running the project Nightcrawler, this day designer, co- founder of Medusateam studio based in Lleida, like the classic superheroes, when night turns, puts on his uniform of Nightcrawler and leave the designer work to become a retro-futuristic and unleashes his musical ideas, always based on the retro sounds of the 80s synths and dark atmospheres. and go after publishing several tracks and EP’s and after a year of work in the album, the album ‘Metropolis’ sees the light, an album that presents itself as “Year 3015. Humanity has been victim of their own cruelty. The fight for the power and wars that take place because of the shortage of fossil energies and watter led to World War III. There were no winner countries this time. All the humanity was the big loser because of nuclear bombs. Only one city survives after the apocalypse. The last survivors of this tragedy live in there. If you are one of them and you have manage to survive, this is your city. Welcome to Metropolis.”, composed and designed by Nightcrawler and mastered by Italian producer Vincenzo Salvia, 13 tracks plus 1 bonus track … synthwave , synthpop , spacewave , synth terror in its purest form.
So begins this journey, this film called Metropolis, with an intro called ‘The Escape’ where a voiceover introduces us to the movie that starts playing, and reach the powerful and strong 80’s rhythms with ‘Dystopia’ featuring Vincenzo Salvia, and again the voice of the narrator in ‘Megaforce’ and connection -intro with radio stations ‘Outlaw’ to launch the Lamborghini, and walk around the lost city with ‘Road Blaster’, sexy and erotic environments with ‘The House Of Pleasure’ and get on the spaceship to fly the city ‘Spacecraft ‘, epic moments and dreamy with sweet ‘The Legacy’ feat Diana Gitallog, sounds more pop with the singer Dana Jean Phoenix on the track ‘Genesis’, and dark collaboration with Barcelona producer Simøne on the track ‘Metropolis’, and as a closing epilogue with ‘Odyssey’ as bonus track the enigmatic and magical ‘Broken Dreams’, to conclude this great movie by this great producer & designer.

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