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Olderic – Compost Black Label #125 – Alma EP [Compost Records] (2015)


Veteran imprint from Munich of Compost, founded by Michael Reinboth in 1994, within its series of Compost Black Label, a series created in 2005, reach the #125 reference with the Italian producer of Olderic aka Enrico De Vecchi, a producer who starts in electronic music in the late 90s as a Dj, and a greta collector of vinyls with a collection that exceeds 10,000 vinyl, and resident in Venice club of CIRQ, and that as a producer starts in 2009, as well as solo and his collaborations with Alex Piccini or Brusca, having published on labels such as Bitten, Thirtyonetwenty, Terminal M or Remote Area among other labels and which now debuts for the german label of Compost with this new EP where Olderic presents 2 original tracks that are complemented with 3 remixes , 2 remixes are signed by the excelente artist from Munich of Christian Prommer and another remix by the veteran Italian producer of Musumeci aka Mauro Di Martino, half of the duo of Sicania Soul, and owner of the label Engrave Ltd.

Olderic on his debut for Compost opens with the 8 minutes of ‘Alma’, 8 minutes intended for the dance floor, to add some hypnotic rhythms and magical melodies that make us dance and enjoy with an effective bassline, a steady pace and very detailed arrangements to complete this amazing track; and accompanied by a remix of the master of Christian Prommer condensing the original, to print him an irresistible rhythm, a most magical touch, with an epic crescendo that captivates us and make vibrate the crowd on the dance floor, and on the digital edition includes as a bonus, the ‘Stripped Remix’ by Christian Prommer. The other original cut, ‘Oasis’ with another 7 minutes where Olderic leads us to a few atmospheres more dark and mysterious, more sensual, more melodic, great track; and accompanying this second cut, with the Musumeci remix, with an arpeggios twisted and a great bassline, printable to the remix a more tension and mystery, great remix.

Olderic – Compost Black Label #125 – Alma EP [Compost Records CPT467-3] (29 May, 2015)
1 Olderic – Alma (Original) 7:51
2 Olderic – Alma (Christian Prommer Remix) 5:51
3 Olderic – Oasis (Musumeci Remix) 6:17
4 Olderic – Oasis (Original) 7:35
Digi Bonus: Olderic – Oasis (Christian Prommer Stripped Remix) 5:51

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