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Orestt – L’Age De Glace [I’m a Cliché] (2015)


For the new reference of the french imprint of I’m a cliché, sixty, a new wonder and delight of EP, with the strange and rare French producer of Orestt aka Del Gallo Franck, a producer who, in more than 10 years, has a very few compositions published, self-produced EPs, and now comes with an official EP for the great french label of I’m a cliché, after including a track of Orestt in the compilation of the label ‘Moments Of A Crisis (CLICHE 022)’ of 2009, an EP which is now available in its vinyl edition (4 tracks) and on March 23 will be available on its digital edition (with a bonus remix), an EP with 3 original compositions and 2 remixes by producer from Indonesia of Jonathan Kusuma, the last sensation on I’m a Cliché, opening up this new EP with a track of 2007 from Orestt, originally published in his own record label of Everlast, only vinyl limited to 500 copies, slow tempo, dark, crude and blunt, and 8 years continues to sound current, with these choppy voices and analog noise; to get into a cosmic trip with more than 10 minutes of ‘L’Age De Glace’, atmospheres of Sci-Fi, horror film, sinister and mysterious composition with strange voices and arpeggiated synthesizers that make us enjoy this beautiful and epic trip; track accompanied by 2 remixes by producer of Jonathan Kusuma, Remix, up tempo slightly, some stronger percussion and a powerful bass for put the remix on a galactic dance floor, and as a bonus in the digital edition, ‘Alternative Version’, light touch-ups on the bass, and somewhat cleaner than the previous, also excellent remix; and completing the EP with ‘Delta’, again a cosmic journey, unsettling composition with its 7 minutes of hard-hitting synthesizers and laser beams fired from another galaxy. Highly recommended.

Physical Release Date // March 9, 2015 @ Kompakt
Digital Release Date // March 23, 2015 – Pre-Order @ Juno

Orestt – L’Age De Glace [I’m a Cliché Cliche 060] (9 March, 2015)
1 Orestt – Homies (Original Mix) 07:00
2 Orestt – L’Age De Glace (Original Mix) 10:31
3 Orestt – L’Age De Glace (Jonathan Kusuma remix) 06:50
4 Orestt – L’Age De Glace (Jonathan Kusuma alternative version) 06:50
5 Orestt – Delta (Original Mix) 06:43


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