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Paqua – Remixes [Claremont 56 C 56046] (2014)


The band from London/New York of Paqua (Quinn Luke AKA Bing Ji Ling/Paul Mudd Murphy/Alex Searle/Patrick Dawes/Patrick “Woody” Wood) from their debut in Claremont 56 label has released two excellent EPs with 2 tracks each one, and this month will be published their debut album , which is preceded by a double 12″/Digital EP with 4 excellent remixes from two of their tracks for 3 great producers, 3 producers that stand out for the quality of its productions, from the first EP of 2012 gets the track ‘The Visitor’ and Ray Mang takes us on a journey of more than 8 minutes with relaxed rhythms, new percussion and soft synth, delicious and tasty remix; from the second EP of 2013, the track ‘Late Train’ with two producers who remix, first with the duo of Idjut Boys with their ‘Late Brain Version’ and 8 minutes of Balearic beats, hypnotic and delicious with sharp guitars and excellent development track; and the producer of The Emperor Machine aka Andy Meecham with 2 remixes, ‘Special extended version – instrumental’ and ‘ Special extended version – Vocal’, with more than 11 minutes of cosmic disco, with powerful and excellent bass and performing those amazing developments in the Emperor Machine remixes.

Paqua – Remixes [Claremont 56 C56046] (12 May, 2014)
1 Paqua – Late Train (Idjut Boy’s Late Brain Version) 8:06
2 Paqua – Visitor (Ray Mang Mix) 8:08
3 Paqua – Late Train (Emperor Machine Special Extended Version – Instrumental) 11:28
4 Paqua – Late Train (Emperor Machine Special Extended Version – Vocal) 11:28

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