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Paul McCartney & Wings Vs. Timo Maas & James Teej – 1985 [Virgin Records](2016)


Timo Maas‘s career has had an undeniable impact on the electronic music scene. For 30 years he has traveled the world, and has maintained a brilliant musical career, remixing tracks of figures such Madonna, Depeche Mode or Fatboy Slim, plus get a Grammy nomination for his remix, with Martin Buttrich, the theme “Do not Make me Come to Vegas” by Tori Amos. Moreover, The Canadian James Teej, has over twenty years producing and playing, and is known for its seal and electronic band: My Favorite Robot. Over time, these two producers decided to embark together on a project that would eventually improve and expand the perspective and nuances in current electronic music. However, all this would not have been possible if behind him there was not one of the most representative figures of contemporary rock: Paul McCartney, and his singular theme: “1985“. This composition, with clear references to “1984” by George Orwell, was released as the ending theme in the B-side album “Band on the Run”, published in 1973. But is not until 2009 that the producer Timo Maas discovered it. Surprised by his sophisticated and cool music record, eventually teaming up with producer James Teej to transform his production in an energetic piece, with an eye dance clubs, creating an interesting relationship between past and present with it. “The reinterpretation of music someone is always a risk and a challenge. Moreover with such an important and iconic in the history of contemporary music as McCartney figure, “said Teej in the interview he gave the Billboard Magazine. Both for Teej as Maas, Paul McCartney has been a decisive influence on theur musical career, but also, they say, has been a pioneer of electronic music, especially on side projects, like his band The Fireman, which gives testimony of that openness to new languages ??and an incombustible desire to experiment.

In this simple, both as Teej Maas have worked hard remastering some of the original elements, but emphasizing low. have also been used segments McCartney’s voice that were not used in the original. “Personally, I think this is one of the most amazing voices that Paul has logged on, so we saw need in our version incidiera more in it,” says Teej. By releasing the rhythmic structure of the piano, the theme is oxygenated, to the point that seems completely different, but still be true to most of the elements of the structure, its progressive style (as in the 60s and 70), and its original nucleus.

However, the success that is reaping this remix is ??far from expectations that both producers had in mind: “Both James and I we take this project as a game where four hands experience in the structures of classic songs. We did not expect any of this, “says Maas in Rolling Stone.

“1985” is available through Virgin Records Germany since May 13, 2016.


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