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Pete Callard – One Way EP [Melomana Records] (2015)


The label Melomana Records, run by the trio from Badajoz of Gameboyz and Olmo, reach the seventh reference on the label, after the publication of EPs with Gameboyz, Rubinskee, Statickman, Macaulay, Iñigo Vontier and Squarewave, now arrives from Porsthmouth the producer and Dj of Pete Callard, an artist that debuted last year on the label of Sounds Of Juan, and who last summer published new EP for the label of Sub:Sonic Records including a remix from Discordance, between both EPs, the inclusion of one of his tracks for the compilation ‘Matt Walsh Presents: The Clouded Vision Experiment Level 2’, and now comes to Melomana Records with 2 new cuts of this artist, 2 tracks, that as in most of the references of the label comes are complemented with the remixes, two remixes for the occasion, first from Brussels with the Dj, promoter and producer of Cabaret Nocturne aka Raphael of Sauvage, who last year signed 2 excellent EPs on the label of Join Our Club; and from Marseille with dj and producer of daWad aka David Vonsensey, owner of the label IRM Records where has released several EPs, and signed recent EPs for labels as Factor City Records or Sixty Seven Suns, and that this year is very focused on his new project of daWad & Mokic (owner of The Exquisite Pain Records and Brown Eyed Boys Records) with the publication of EPs on labels like Nein Records, Tici Taci, Clouded Vision Recordings or Play Pal Music.

This new EP by Pete Callard for Melomana Records opens with the 2 original versions, first with ‘One Way’, a cut that develops at a slow tempo, dark atmospheres with touches of acid that are decorating the cosmic trip, 7 minutes of space trip, hypnotic and mystery; in the second cut of ‘Filth On Toast’, Pete Callard ups the tempo, and leads to a sound more techno, more oriented to the dancefloor, a dark dancefloor and hypnotic dances, with a development that will grow as the cut it develops.

Complementing the EP with remixes, first with Cabaret Nocturne and the remix to ‘Filth On Toast’, with the addition of synthesizers and arpeggios brings us some space and magical atmospheres, melodies full of mystery, great remix. For his part, daWad signs remix for the cut of ‘One Way’, raising the tempo of the original, and bringing it to the dance floor with a sound more raw and compelling, with strange sounds and dark atmospheres.

Pete Callard – One Way EP [Melomana Records MEL 007] (9 October, 2015)
1 Pete Callard – One Way (original mix) 07:00
2 Pete Callard – Filth On Toast (original mix) 06:30
3 Pete Callard – Filth On Toast (Cabaret Nocturne remix) 06:43
4 Pete Callard – One Way (DaWad remix) 06:27


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