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Philosophy Of Sound – Fragile Disco [Discotexas] (2012)


The Australian duo of Philosophy Of Sound debuted almost a year ago, to the Portuguese label of the EP Discotexas ‘Is Like That’ which included the great remix of canary producer of Ilya Santana, and this year published his EP ‘Freedom, What For?’ with remixes of A.N.D.Y. and Tronik Youth, and now the label of Discotexas just released a new EP, ‘Fragile Disco’, which includes the extended version of their first EP, ”Is Like That” and the new remastered remix of Ilya Santana, and a new rework for the track ‘Freedom, what For?’, and the remix that made A.N.D.Y., now with new remastered, and 2 new songs, the ‘Fragile Disco’ (which has a corresponding video) and continous the style of this great duo, with those disco-electro dance rhythms, a great song, and the ‘Younger Lover’, there is one track more relaxed than the other new, with this personal touch of Australians. And as a gift, we have the remix that makes Coupons for the song ‘Fragile Disco’ that is in free download from their Facebook page.

Philosophy Of Sound – Fragile Disco (Coupons Remix) – FREE DOWNLOAD

And the vinyl edition, limited edition on red colour…

Philosophy Of Sound – Fragile Disco [Discotexas DT025] (2012-09-28) Buy @ Beatport
1. It Is Like That (Extended Version) 05:43
2. Fragile Disco 05:44
3. It is Like That (Ilya Santana ‘Bizzaro Disco’ Remix) 05:25
4. Freedom, What For? (Rework) 05:14
5. Younger Lover 05:10
6. Freedom, What For? (A.N.D.Y. Remix) 05:36


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