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Pink Skull – Neil Blender EP [Melomana Records] (2015)


The formation from Philadelphia’s Pink Skull, led by Julian Grefe and Justin Geller, and as a regular contributor with Joe Lentini, with nearly 10 years and with already 5 albums and various EPs, having gone through labels as Rvng Intl., My Favorite Robot Records, Throne Of Blood, Days Of Being Wild or their latest EP for the label of the Beachcoma Recordings, and now presented a new EP for the spanish label of Melomana Records (run by the trio of Gameboyz and Olmo), the eighth reference of the label, ‘Neil Blender EP’ is the name of the new EP by Pink Skull in which the Philadelphia band presented 3 new compositions with his distinctive sound of analog electronics and vintage machines, 3 tracks that are complemented with 3 remixes, one for each of the cut from the EP, from UK with veteran Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s, who in his more than 20 years this year presented his second album as Deadstock 33s for the legendary label Skint Records; from Barcelona with Undo aka Gabriel Berlanga, label owner of Factor City Records, and one of the national artists with the best reputation and international prestige; and finally with the producer with Russian origin of Dimitri Veimar, with productions for labels such as Clouded Vision Recordings, Startalk International or Darkroom Dubs.

This new release from Pink Skull called ‘Neil Blender EP’ for the Melomana Records opens with ‘Yellow #2’, a cut with slow tempo, some ethnic touches and hypnotic percussion, vocal loops and analog shedding a few beats dark, raw, to start this trip electronic-hypnotic-tribal. Tracks that is accompanying by a remix from Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s, raising the tempo and at a pace close to the club sound, more dark and rough than the original.

The second original cut, ‘EB Acid’, raises the tempo of the cut, the strength and energy, Pink Skull presents over 8 minutes the developments of an acid lines, with a background of sounds of mistery and dark, strange sounds that are appearing and disappearing, while the acid line is progressing, with a second part of the cut with more epic and magical touches. track which is complemented with the remix from Undo, another great work of this great producer, filing out of the original to give a sense more melodic and harmonious composition, melancholic remix in which the power of the acid line is softens.

‘Hideons’ is the last original cut by Pink Skull, climbing over the tempo of the cut that in the others from the EP, more raw and rough sounds are the protagonists of this cut, with a sound more techno, electro, with touches of acid lines deformed and strident modulations. Track that is accompanying by a remix from Dimitri Veimar, who offers us a cleaner mix and a hypnotic, dark sound.

Pink Skull – Neil Blender EP [Melomana Records MEL008] (27 November, 2015)
1 Pink Skull – Yellow #2 (Original Mix) 5:15
2 Pink Skull – Yellow #2 (Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix) 6:08
3 Pink Skull – EB Acid (Original Mix) 7:55
4 Pink Skull – EB Acid (Undo Remix) 5:59
5 Pink Skull – Hideons (Original Mix) 4:50
6 Pink Skull – Hideons (Dimitri Veimar Remix) 6:30


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