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Plastique de Rêve – Magnetic Motocross EP [Space Factory Records 58862] (2014)


The French label managed by Pascal Bourdette and David Carretta of Space Factory Records for their last EP brings to a veteran producer, Swiss origin and resident in Berlin, the great Plastique De Rêve aka Christophe ‘Daze’ Dasen, who in the past had already published in labels such as Turbo, International Deejay Gigolo Records or on the same Space Factory Records with ‘Love on The Tape EP’ in 2009, and now returns to the label with new 2 excellent killer tracks and 2 remixes, opening the EP with ‘Chinese Toy’ a track update 1989 by Confetti’s ‘C in China’, updating the current sounds on the basis of the sample track of that classic track, a slow tempo and forceful, making us fly through space on the cosmic spacecraft of Plastic de Rêve for 7 minutes, track that comes with the remix of french band Acid Washed, accelerating the tempo, and with a dance beat with dark and magical, with the personal touch of Acid Washed; the second track, ‘Waiting for Tonight ‘, another wonder of track, more than 7 minutes frantic, more high tempo, retro synths and vocals, old -school style, space disco with a touch of acid, a bomb on the dance floor, and accompanying this track, David Carretta remix, maintaining the original tempo, re -build the track to carry the electro sound of Carretta with a strong percussion, a pump for the dance floor.

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  1. Really liked these tracks and went straight to Beatport to buy them. Thanks for sharing. Muchas gracias mi amigo!


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