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PREMIERE: Catatumbo – Jungle Rage [Como Las Grecas]


We release a new CLG Music reference, and this time we do it with Catatumbo aka Julio Siette, a member of the Chromatic Club crew. Nocturnal animal born in Venezuela that lived part of its childhood in the United States and half of its life in Mexico, currently resides in Spain. From an early age in his family nucleus he was exposed to rock of the 60s, 70s, synth pop of the 80s, punk, grunge, indie rock. He began mixing in underground electronic parties, alternative bars and dance clubs while in Mexico where he obtained his eclectic style that amalgamates space disco, dark funk, indie dance, afrobeat and techno genres. The track Jungle Rage, which is launched on the Moskalus platform, condenses his experience behind the decks, immersing us in a deep and mysterious atmosphere, which gently drags us, like a sweet poison, into the lush Amazon, and when it seems that There is no background, it explodes with vengeful energy and force, putting color in each of its notes.


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