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PREMIERE: Colossio – ECO [OMBRA INTL] (2019)


Ombra INTL is of that kind of stamps that does not give stitch without thread, that at all times know what they do and leave nothing to the whim of chance, although sometimes their decisions may seem unusual, not commercial or out of place. Now he lands again with his last reference, the number 010. This time, wielding an immersive sound palette, an amalgam of influences of several decades projected as singularly as personally. Artists like Cornelius Doctor, Sebastian Voig, Mufti or Colossio, with whom we have the pleasure of presenting, come together on a disc worked with care, giving the best that could be offered.

The track that comes to us, ECO, by Colossio, is beautiful, emotional, with lights and shadows, getting a round result, which does not falter anywhere. Elegance, vigor and adventure are not at odds with accessibility, and here it is demonstrated in each of its notes. The result is captivating, with the perfect amount of substance to make it fireproof, presented with a powerful style that ranges from the classic to the most innovative. A delight only for music lovers. Join Us!


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