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PREMIERE: Golden Bug – Division feat Diego Hdez [La Belle Records] 2017


Antoine Harispuru aka Golden Bug come back with new snorting EP “Krokodil” on La Belle Records.
We love this kind of releases. When you listen to it, it made possible immerse yourself in music and not wait for something specific.
“Krokodil” is very suitable for this perception.
EP includes remix from Berlin based Israeli Moscoman and 5 original mixes and we present you today the last one of all, slow trippy disco cut “Division” feat Diego Hdez (a singer with who Golden Bug collaborated into great success on the underground hit ‘Progress’ in january on Les Disques De La Mort) saturated with expansive synths shimmering out in all directions. It is a steamy effort that oozes intoxicating funk and rounds out a truly inventive EP.
“Division” will put you in a kind of futuristic capsule and catapult you into unknown spaces for next 5 minutes. Overall, this is an expressive and esoteric mix of disco and psychedelic influences that cannot fail to impress and will also come as a deluxe edition with remixes.
Ladies & Gentlemen enjoy new Golden Bug.

Golden Bug – Krokodil EP | LAB35 | La Belle Records

01. Krokodil
02. Gomina!
03. Amazonia
04. Amazonia (Moscoman Remix)
05. Visage
06. Division (feat. Diego Hdez)

Release date: 31/03/2017

Released on: La Belle Records


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