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PREMIERE: Ian Blevins – Locate Yourself [Not An Animal Records] 2017


Not An Animal Records is back with fresh and outstanding release. All the previous seven releases were very different and at the same time memorable for their quality.
While you can draw some slight comparisons with the contributors (which include the afore mentioned Ess O Ess and Machete Savane, as well as Man Power, The Backwoods, Chida, Suzanne Kraft, Red Axes, Last Waltz, Tiago, Kuniyuki, Max Essa, Konkret Cutz, DJ Buck and Lizards) it would be impossible to say that anything truly unites them further than an open aesthetic which is receptive to sounds as various as Techno, Disco, Rock, Balearica, Ethnic Sounds and good old fashioned House, and which doesn’t try to draw any distinction between any of them. Now they have taken one more step to create their own incomparable style. This time they invited a well-known English producer Ian Blevins, who was releasing his music on ESP Institute, Futureboogie or Culprit in the name of few, and as remixer was choosen none other than Man Power. It would seem that the format of the album has exactly the complexity of the form (or at least some search), but for some reason Blewins decided not to experiment and recorded a disc that strictly conforms to the current situation. The two main components of the EP are the good balanced dance beat and the finely chopped, attracting vocal.
Without a doubt this release will be widely in demand and will find its place in the charts of leading DJs of the planet.

Release date: 31/07/2017

Released on: Not An Animal Records


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