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PREMIERE: Kolomensky – Recovery [Clandestino] 2017


Clandestino make contemporary, underground dance music exploring modern balearica and emotive sounds. On their fourth release they welcome Russia’s ‘Denis Kolomensky’ to the Clandestino family..

Hailing from Leeds, Joe Morris, Nick Smith and Iain Mac have been involved in the city’s underground music scene for over 15 years; regularly throwing parties, inviting exciting DJ talent. Their exotic musical output has gained them gigs across Europe, with well received spots at Electric Elephant in Croatia, Festival No.6, Alfresco Festival, Renate in Berlin, Rotonde Paris and La Graviere in Geneva. The monthly Clandestino show on KMAH Radio is deemed essential by many, showcasing their diverse and inimitable style. Clandestino’s podcast series is revered world wide; with regular mixes from high calibre guests such as Andrew Weatherall, Jennifer Cardini, Optimo, Man Power and many, many more.

Denis Komensky forms part of the IDA crew; a collective of Moscovian DJ’s,producers and promoters throwing great parties in the cities Simachev Shop & Bar and Dewar’s Powerhouse venues. When Denis sent in his demo’s, they knew they were a perfect fit for the Clandestino ethos..

(A)Recovery opens with a lively conga section, snappy snares and a classic Detroit-style drum sequence takes hold while emotive pads elevate. Man of the moment Felix Dickinson ramps up the tension with a modern jack track by intensifying the bass,introducing firing drums and darker pads.

(B)Santa Monica takes a slower pace;gentle sunset chords complement marimba hits and atmospheric key stabs. Balearic Gabba Sound System’s stunning rework is an extended blissed out reinterpretation; adding a dreamy female vocal over heart wrenching synths.
Kolomensky’s attention to detail both on and off the dance floor combine to give an EP that delivers on multiple levels, with a feature rich modern twist on all things Balearic and much more. A beautiful addition to the Clandestino catalogue & an exotic bird of an EP. To be grabbed before it flies off the shelf…

ANDREW WEATHERALL: “ I really like this EP. My particular favourites are the B Side. Santa Monica is something else that will sit very well in ALFOS sets for this season and seasons to come…”

MAX ESSA: “Clandestino continue to go from strength to strength with this release. ‘Recovery’ is perfect dance floor material with both the original and Felix Dickinson mixes sure to be getting lots of action over the coming months. ‘Santa Monica’ is equally satisfying and will be soundtracking many a twilight hour I’m sure. Great remix from Balearic Gabba”

JUSTIN ROBERTSON: “This is great! Felix mix for a knees up and both versions of Santa Monica for meditation and trance like joy”

PETE HERBERT: “Clandestino definitely raising the bar here. Two immense originals from Kolomensky, and the remixes are spot on too! Best release to date …”

Release date: 22/07/2017

Released on: Clandestino


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